Performance Car Club Annual Show at Tidy Doffer Inn

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How do the PCC boys do it? Every year the day of the Performance Car Club show comes and the sun appears on cue! Yet again another glorious day for the best show of the year. Good weather, good location, great cars, and a pub set the scene for the annual PCC car show. What a turn out it was this year especially with yesterdays tropical storm type weather and all the cars on show seemed none to phased by what we had seen weather wise and every one was turned out in glorious style! 

Well done to the PCC for yet another great show and we have only a year to wait now for the next one. 

<strong>Show Winners:
<strong><em>Car of the show: </em></strong>Simon Martin – White Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

<strong><em>Best Performance Car:</em> </strong>Chris Burns – Midnight Purple R33 GTR

<em><strong>Best Modified Car:</strong></em> David Hollinger – Black Supercharged Corolla AE86

<strong><em>Best Classic Car:</em></strong> Chris Weed – Red Mini

<strong><em>Best Ice Install:</em></strong> East Coast Customs Mercedes ML

<em><strong>Best Effort: </strong></em>Ferret – Black Civic VTI-S


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