Photoshoot at Ballylumford

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<span class=”bluesaint_postbit”>With the good weather recently, it was decided to gather a few people and head for the coast. Ballylumford was the chosen location for its picturesque views of the lough, and industrial background of the powerstation. It was also a slightly different location, than the usual spots!

I met with Tim and Arouser at 12noon and it looked like we were going to be on our tod, but thankfully a number of other cars arrived shortly after. Under Jacqui’s direction the group of 8-9 cars got assembled in such a way that enabled both the Lough and the Power Station to be utilised as backdrops. The sun was out in full force – which was a great bonus…all we needed were some BBQ’s!

For such a quite road i was surprised at the fine Jap machinery that came past! A white Evo 6 complete with anti-lag (to the displeasure of the horses) and a lovely purple Skyline R33.

Cheers to everyone that turned up, and a big thanks to Jacqui for the pictures.</span>


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