Power Style Open Day at Power Style Shop

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Producing some of the most radical and unique car body styling in the country (like the mental “Green Goblin” wide arch Corsa on hydraulics), Power Style are well known for their ability to modify a motor. So needless to say when the guys were moving to a new premises, Modified Motors just had to be there to check it all out.

The new shop now in Toome Business Park was instantly recognisable from the new dual carriageway (local drag strip!) On our arrival we were greeted by owner Sean and talked bodykits, cars and shows. Outside sat the demo cars showing how good these guys were, including a Vtec Civic, Audi A3 and Cordoba Coupé. As we were given a tour all we could hear was the sound of exhausts, dump valves and burning rubber…

An R32 Skyline, wide arch Ascona and 500 bhp Evo 7 pulled in and threw on a few circles for the crowd. I was lucky enough to get out in the beastly HKS powered Mitsubishi and the Skyline for some sideways fun!


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