Rally of 1000 Entries at Kirkistown Race Circuit

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"We want hundreds of people to enter what we are hoping to be the biggest entry in the world for a rally – EVER!" is how the event was announced, it was a fund raiser in the aid of jump-starting the new Rally Specialist Medical Assistance (RSMA) Fund, a scheme designed to provide monetary assistance to both Irish and British rally competitors who have been injured in competition and need specialist medical care.

Seats with Irelands best were auctioned off online for as much as £2000 punds and entries came in from all over Ireland, theUK and further afield. Robert Dunlop, more known for his ability on 2 wheels done 00 duties in a Mk2 Escort with UTV’s Pamela Balentine on the notes which from seeing them must have been "flat into drift . . . . hold her at it . . . .  ye ha!" as he didn’t take long adapting with a roof and steering wheel!

Full results to follow.


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