RMS Photoshoot at Belfast

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It was a long time since the last photoshoot at Wilsons Auctions, Glengormley, so with the prospect of better weather and more light it was decided to organise a meet in Belfast.

Weather was great but unfortunately some runners (why you’d want to run for fun is beyond me) had decided to run past our chosen location – closing the road completely! As the group started to gather in a carpark by the Lagan River security became interested and swiftly moved us out…then proceeded to shift us off the road when we were trying to decide on an alternative location.

The carpark facing Seacat terminal, made infamous for the Tuesday night cruises, was decided upon. Minus the spides, glue sniffers and eejits messing about it wasn’t a bad location! Many pictures were taken by a RMS Photographer of the future (thank you Phil)!! Turn out was very good, with a varied selection of motors – everything from 700bhp Evo’s to styled up Corsa’s.

This hope this is a start to a promising summer season of shows, cruises and photoshoots.


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