RMS Photoshoot at B&Q at Holywood Exchange

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After last year’s fairly successful Tescos photoshoot, a few RMS regulars decided it was nigh time that we all got together again for a friendly meet and greet session. This time, it was decided that the meet would be held slightly farther down the road at the new B&Q outlet, near the entrance to the Harbour Estate. I met up with Pablo in his M3, Phil_D in his Lancer Evo, P5ary in his new M Coupe and his friend in another M3, and we quickly shot out past the Odyssey arena and down the road towards Knocknagoney … with Phil’s Evo almost drowning out the noise of the planes taking off from Belfast City airport in the process! Upon arriving, we quickly parked up and got out to be greeted by a few familiar faces. After a slow start, a lot of cars started to filter in. It was good to see some of the long-term members, and also put names to some new faces. There was a great variety of motors on display to have a nosey round, from Simon998’s 106 Rallye … to Lyon’s 115bhp TDi Bora … to Marc’s 200sx turbo. We also noted Ruth’s mint black Yaris, Johny_w’s new Civic VTi and a few RWD machines in the form of a GSi Carlton and a 325i Sport … which sadly didn’t get an opportunity for a few circles.

We were also treated to some light entertainment thanks to the Army crew who passed by. They were obviously huge ICE fans, and gave us a few minutes of the A-Team theme tune at full blast, much to everyone’s amusement. Whilst the craic was good, the late summer night didn’t do us any favours and it started to get dark very quickly. At this point, most people started to pack up and head off to Bangor or Nutt’s Corner. The only downside of the evening was a very small shunt between 2 members cars on the exit road, but this was quickly sorted out and everyone went on their way. The meet was a brief but sociable one, with everyone fairly well behaved, and credit must go to Lyons for putting it together – hopefully it won’t be too long before we have another one.


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