RS Owners Club Track Day at Nutts Corner Motorsports Centre

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Its been a while since I was at the track at Nutts Corner Motorsports Centre. After the private hire rules changed for the track back at easter I hadn’t been back which is really unfortunate, because Nutts is a fantastic track and where I learned for the most part how to powerslide and drift. I knew the RS Owners Club had a track day coming up at it and thought I’d go up for a nosey.

The weather at the track was very changable, going from dry to wet without warning which seemed to catch out a lot of the drivers. I spotted Paul Conlan from Steer from the Rear flat out in his AE86 Corolla, various Sierras, a madman in a granada and a tidy looking MV6 Omega among other things. The hairpin seemed to be the biggest challenge of the day and Max was nearly taken out a few times whilst taking the photos.

Only arriving after three, by four o’clock the temptation was too much and myself and Alan McBride ended up taking out the senator for a quick few runs each. Unfortunately the man in the 3 series in front of me got it all wrong out of the bottom corner and ended up in the grass bank, but thankfully it looks worse in the photos than it actually was.


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