RS Owners Show at Castlebellingham

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This is one of the best RS shows to go to in Ireland. There’s always a great turnout of cars on the day,some of which are only spotted at this show and no others.

Once the small rain shower had passed the golden ball made an apperance for the whole day and made it very sticky and warm,so considering i was driving i had to pass up the black stuff for a change and have a bud shandy!

All of the great RS cars where on display, and the overall condition of them was mind blowing, polished diffs, engine bays,mirrors showing off the underside, some of which looked even better than new, mk2 rs 2000 and escort cossie to name a few!

All in a great turn out and if you missed it shame on you,remember old fords never die, they just rust away in the corner! Well done to stevie s1 off the site for winning best series 1 RS turbo, and peter maxwell from motorsport wheels for winning best modified in his awsome escort cosworth.


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