Scooby Shootout at Elvington Airfield

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It was that time of the year again for a trip over to Elvington outside York for the Scooby Shootout.  Things didn’t go quite according to plan when one of the cars decided to start leaking oil before we’d even got the length of Carlisle. Thankfully a boot full of tools and a bit of tinkering got us going again for the run down to Chesterfield.

Saturday was spent at a "Scooby specialist" where the oil problem was properly fixed and a remap and rolling road session saw the monster ready for action. A short run up to York got us some much deserved food,liquid refreshment and sleep.

9AM on sunday morning and there was already a crowd starting to gather at Elvington. Racing started at 10.30 and carried on till about 3PM when the top 8 cars starting going head to head in pairs until a winner was decided.

<strong>ScoobyShootout finals</strong>
(Some cars retired before finals hence other cars being brought up the qualifying list)

<strong>Quarter finals</strong>
Paul Blamire 11.07s 134mph win
Dave Smith 13.25s 112mph

Mikee Singh 11.84s 123mph win
Neil Sinclair red light.

Steven Darley 11.27s 131mph win
Simon Houghton 12.51s 107mph

Dee Ireland 13.01s 119mph bye win
David Wallace no run

<strong>Semi Finals
</strong>Paul Blamire 10.78 133mph win
Mikee Singh 12.33 116mph

Steven Darley 10.93s 132mph
Dee Ireland 12.60 106mph

<strong>Scoobyshootout final
Steven Darley 10.94s 132mph win (first across the line) Paul Blamire 10.63s 135mph lose (Fastest Subaru time of the day after qualifying)

<strong><u>Fastest 1/4 overall 10.62s (R32 Skyline)
Fastest top speed overall 190.4MPH R34 Skyline)</u></strong>


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