SOL Rally Barbados Prize Giving at The Boat Yard bridgetown

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Here is a list of full results frm SOL Rally barbados 2010:

1st Roger Skeete/Louis Venezia (M8-WRC Da Costa Mannings Auto Centre/Michelin/Warrens Motors/Big Johns Subaru Impreza WRC S12), 1h 01m 07.57s 2nd Paul Bourne/Allan Kinch (M8-WRC Banks/Chefette/LIME/Virgin Atlantic Ford Focus WRC 07), 1h 01m 09.23s 3rd Paul Bird – ENG/Kirsty Riddick SCO (M8-WRC Ford Focus WRC 08), 1h 01m 20.36s 4th John Powell – TDAD/Craig Thorley – ENG (M8-WRC Shell Helix Subaru Impreza WRC S12), 1h 02m 10.98s 5th Sean Gill/Michael Cummins (M8-WRC Simpson Motors/Shell V-Power/Automotive Art Mitsubishi WRC), 1m 02m 33.44s 6th Roger Hill/Graham Gittens (M8-WRC Esso/Nassco/MotorMac Toyota Corolla WRC), 1h 02m 48.72s 7th Jeffrey Panton JAM/Mike Fennell Jnr JAM (M8-WRC Rally Jamaica/Seaboard Marine Ford Focus WRC 00), 1h 04m 08.33s 8th Ian Warren/Robert Warren (SM10 Automotive Art/Shell V-Power/Simpson Motors Suzuki Swift), 1h 05m 15.06s 9th Rob Swann ENG/Darren Garrod WAL (P4 Automate CGI/Waves Hotel and Spa/Revolution Wheels/R A Swann Ltd Subaru Impreza N14), 1h 05m 20.54s 10th Geoffrey Noel/Kreigg Yearwood (P4 Globe Finance Inc/Mix 96.9/Sentry Insurance Brokers/Dewalt Tools/Automotive Art/Ezone Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 1h 05m 26.73s 11th Neil Armstrong/Barry Ward (SM9 Pit Bull Energy Drink/Hankook/Gunk/Electric Avenue Toyota Starlet), 1h 05m 41.61s 12th Gary Gregg JAM/Hugh Hutchinson JAM (M8-WRC Rally Jamaica/Seaboard Marine/BD Gregg & Bros/NG Racing Ford Focus WRC 05), 1h 05m 47.50s 13th Barry Gale/Cherie Edghill (P4 Malta/Rockstar Energy Drink/Metal Craft Works/Weetabix/ Bella Beauty Supply Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 1h 06m 11.96s 14th Josh Read/Mark Jordan (SM9 Automotive Art/Baram Services Toyota Starlet), 1h 06m 29.19s 15th Mark Hamilton/Clive Howell (SM11 PowerMaster Batteries/Consolidated Finance/Valvoline Oil/Kumho Tires Ford Escort MkII), 1h 06m 41.25s 16th Brian Gill/Avinash Chatrani (SM11 Aqua Pur/Electric Avenue BMW M3), 1h 07m 12.84s 17th Dean Serrao/Sean Abed (P4 Amalgamated Security Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 1h 07m 38.46s 18th Justin Campbell/Juan Watts (SM11 C & C Autoservices/Cumberbatch Nurseries/Target Design Studio BMW M3), 1h 08m 03.75s 19th Graham Manning/Brandon McKenzie (SM11 Ford Escort MkII), 1h 08m 43.12s 20th Adrian Linton/Jonathan Linton (M7 Ravensden/Garbage Gobbler/Morris Straker Construction Vauxhall Astra GSi), 1h 09m 19.65s 21st Neil Corbin/Zach Heaselgrave (SM9 Nassco/Jason Jones/Auto Solutions Toyota Starlet), 1h 09m 29.43s 22nd Jamal Brathwaite/Talia Mapp (M6 AM Electrical/FG Wilson/Autoplus Motors/Meridian Windows/Chicken Pen Racing/Ellesmere Quarries/D2 Racing Suspension/Avon Products/Cutters of Barbados/Freekz Customz Mitsubishi Mirage RS), 1h 10m 24.10s 23rd Kenny Hall – SCO/Fenny Wesselink NED (M6 Halltune Ford Puma), 1h 10m 27.20s 24th Karl Waterman/Matthew Staffner (SM9 3Ws/Propac/Rockstar Energy Drink/Catch Chocolate/Maxi Malta Toyota Starlet), 1h 11m 17.44s 25th Chris Ullyett/Derek Ince (M7 Ullyetts Machine Shop Service Ford Escort RS2000), 1h 12m 24.37s 26th Sean T Field/Trai Field (P3 Field Insurance Brokers/Castrol/Ackee Tree/AM Realty Services/Landscapes in Harmony Peugeot 306), 1h 12m 30.48s 27th John Corbin/Owen Proverbs (M7 Corbins Garage/Klark-Odio/Automotive Art Toyota Corolla), 1h 13m 07.48s 28th Freddie Gale/Kyle Proverbs (M7 Gales Hatcheries/ Toyota Corolla RunX), 1h 13m 25.25s 29th Richard Lewis WAL/Marieanne Gray – SCO (Hist Tsalta Motorsport/Cam Sport Ford Escort MkII), 1h 14m 38.31s 30th Wayne Manning/Willie Hinds (M5 Black Bess Quarry/Citgo/Glassfibre Products Peugeot 205), 1h 14m 48.23s 31st Sean Cox/Adam Cox (M5 Simpson Motors Suzuki Swift), 1h 15m 47.60s 32nd Simon Wallis ENG/Louise Hay ENG (P4 Wallis Performance Ltd Subaru Impreza N10), 1h 16m 42.57s 33rd Danny Williams/Reuben Nelson (M6 Cutters of Barbados/Lexys Bar/Sunbury Plantation House Ford Fiesta), 1h 16m 55.57s 34th Owen Cumberbatch/Kelly-Ann Sandiford (SM11 Combo Auto Parts and Service BMW M3), 1h 17m 51.13s 35th Rob Whitehouse – NZ/Yvonne Mehta KEN (M8-A Lancia Delta Integrale), 1h 18m 11.84s 36th Eric Allamby/Sean Corbin (SM10 Shelbury Construction/ACT Sand Blasting/Container Services Mitsubishi Lancer), 1h 19m 08.80s 37th Vishal Dhanraj – TDAD/Richard Ramsingh TDAD (SM9 Track Batteries/Lucozade Energy/The Dispensary Toyota Starlet), 1h 20m 14.69s 38th Allan Maynard/Jeremy Croney (SM9 Marshal Trading/Lubriguard/El Tigre Catamaran Cruises Toyota Starlet), 1h 20m 42.93s 39th Peter Gallagher – IRL/Dario Hoyte (M6 Dublin Crystal/Peter Gallagher Design Peugeot 206), 1h 24m 20.73s 40th Fabien Clarke/Arlington Hoyte (P2 Barbados Business Listings/Crimson Jade/RCR Tours/Bovell Auto Repair/Big P Customs Brokers/De Fx-Bar Suzuki Ignis Sport), 1h 24m 58.62s 41st Martin Taylor – IRL/Rob Brook – ENG (SM11 Dublin Crystal/Janet Taylor BMW 325), 1h 28m 06.21s 42nd Ding Boston ENG/Hannah Byrd ENG (Hist Oxford Universities Motorsport Foundation/Toyo/Recaro/Phillips Tyres/Huzier/Just Grillin/VP Racing Fuels/Virgin Atlantic/Structural Systems/Ullyetts Machine Shop Service Riley 1.5), 1h 29m 30.35s

Highest-placed regional crew Powell – TDAD/Thorley ENG (4th overall) Highest-placed International crew Bird ENG/Riddick – SCO (3rd overall) Highest-placed two-wheel-drive car Warren/Warren (8th overall) Highest-placed female competitor Riddick (3rd overall, co-driver for Bird)

Starters 90 (62 Barbados, 18 International, 10 Regional) Overall finishers 42 (29 Barbados, 9 International, 4 Regional)

Sunday Cup

1st Sammy Cumberbatch/Nicholas Yarde (SM11 F Taylor Insurance/Williams Industries/AutoLink BMW M3), 29m 04.65s 2nd Barry Mayers/Roger Mayers (SM11 Terra Caribbean/Delaware Dispensary/Illusion Graphics/ Tyre BMW M3), 29m 49.74s 3rd Wayne King/Rashid Phillips (SM10 Peugeot 306), 32m 51.74s 4th Rhett DAndrade/Mario Clermont (M5 Rent-A-Tool/Mallalieu Motor Museum Toyota Starlet), 34m 07.80s 5th David Brewster/Umar Dyer (M7 SRG Engineering/Castrol Peugeot 205GTi), 36m 26.16s 6th Howard Paterson – ENG/Ruth Paterson – ENG (P2 Rallydrive International Driver Tuition Skoda Fabia), 49m 13.15s

Class results

Modified 8-WRC 1st Skeete/Venezia; 2nd Bourne/Kinch; 3rd Bird ENG/Riddick SCO; etc M8-A 1st Whitehouse NZ/Mehta – KEN Production 4 (Group N) 1st Swann ENG/Garrod WAL; 2nd Noel/Yearwood; 3rd Gale/Edghill; etc Group B 1st Frans Verbaas NED/Mascha Corvers NED (Verbaas Preparations/Koni/Holland Huis/Hoewijk Special Paint Austin Mini Cooper), 1h 10m 39.00s; 2nd Geoffrey Ullyett/Jason King (Ullyetts Machine Shop Service Datsun 200T), 1h 11m 26.13s; 3rd Stuart McChlery/Julian Goddard (Lubriguard/TeleBarbados Ford Escort MkI), 1h 12m 48.45s; etc SuperModified 11 1st Hamilton/Howell; 2nd Gill/Chatrani; 3rd Campbell/Watts; etc SM10 1st Warren/Warren; 2nd Watson/Watson; 3rd King/Phillips; etc

SM9 1st Armstrong/Ward; 2nd Read/Jordan; 3rd Corbin/Heaselgrave; etc

M7 1st Linton/Linton; 2nd Ullyett/Ince; 3rd Corbin/Proverbs; etc

M6 1st Braithwaite/Mapp; 2nd Hall SCO/Wesselink NED; 3rd Williams/Nelson; etc

M5 1st Manning/Hinds; 2nd Cox/Cox; 3rd DAndrade/Clermont, 1h 19m 55.98s

P3 1st Field/Field

P2 1st Clarke/Hoyte; 2nd Paterson ENG/Paterson ENG, 1h 46m 15.80s

P2 1st Lewis WAL/Gray SCO; 2nd Boston ENG/Byrd – ENG


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