Speed Weekend NI at Balmoral Park

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I don’t think any other NI motoring event can boast a range of show cars, drag racing, drifting, a rally stage, a sprint and a parachute display team under one venue, and for the meagre £10 entry fee.  And there was even sunshine.  This was the unique appeal of the excellent Speed Weekend, held at Lisburn’s Balmoral Park.

NI Drift provided the sideways entertainment

NI Drift provided the sideways entertainment

The event, previously known as the Festival of Speed pulled great crowds across the weekend, no doubt attracted by the wide range of motorsport disciplines on offer.

One of the star attractions of the event was the autotest, with guest local BTCC legend Colin Turkington making an appearance in the driving seat of an MX-5.

The drag racing was also a huge attraction to the crowds as some of the quarter mile heavyweights turned up in their custom built drag cars to entertain.

Check out our photo gallery below to get a feel for the range of motorsport that was on offer throughout the event.

Photos thanks to Sonny Gorman.


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garyhoker replied at 12:51, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
was going too take a run down on bike is there many spectators.....
dmcmsn replied at 14:22, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
| was going too take a run down on bike is there many spectators.....
There seems to be plenty about, but it's £12.50 a head in
Gemma replied at 14:30, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
| Was decent enough. Only problem was you think there is alot more to do when reading their website etc than there actually is when you turn up lol. Drifting and autotest were the only things that ran all day,autotest is a load of balls and driftings boring after 20mins so you spend most of the day waiting on the drag/spring/rallying starting. Show&shine was pish although thats not the organisers fault,although a 350z got car of the show today..madness considering there was a dc2 just short of 500hp,escort cossie,chevetes etc. No trade stands for cleaning products etc,just insurance and citroen merchandise from memory,thats all i saw. That said it was decent for wasting a few hours.
The 350z got best female modifier while the white escort cossie got best performance and best kit/classic car went to a vauxhall chevette iirc
56oval replied at 14:39, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
Im just back, i did 4 demo 8th mile passes with a handful of the others drag racers, to be honest it was a really nice chilled out Sunday, i saw drifting, loads of rally action, some sprint action and some decent machinery, parachute display team flew in, so for £10 or £12.50 in i wouldnt really have much to gripe about. If your bringing a family, its an expensive day out, so a family ticket needs to be available at a decent price ( if it wasnt already on offer ) what with the kids going back to school next week and the parades, i wonder if its just a touch late in the calendar for the organisers to get decent footfall, but all in i had a great Sunday and would certainly go back next year.
martybelfastsri replied at 15:58, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
just back myself me and the young lad spent 5 or so hours great day out even got a chunk of sunshine!
cauld1 replied at 17:08, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
| No im sorry it was a load of beginners and mx5's attemping to drift around cones.
I would have happily given you the keys to my mx5, I'm sure you could have shown me how it's done.:p I do agree on the nomenclature however, it is a bit like when people call the tests in lanes rallies 'stages'. There were plenty of people getting enthusiastically involved in it today with passenger rides so I would have thought it worked to some extent. Colin Turkington seemed to enjoy himself yesterday which is bound to help too. Had a good day today again myself, the place did seem a lot busier and the weather held up which definitely helped.
OZ10 replied at 17:13, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
Lol never drove a real wheel drive before I'll leave the hair dressing to you I would have came up and done the demo no bother if it had of been an autotest but simply not worth my time nor tyres to loop around cones. I can see people wanting to get in beside people for a run out, not sure if it was free or u had to pay but how many of those passenger rides or spectators will you see out in the future?
cauld1 replied at 17:19, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
Haha, I left all the hair cutting gear at home! I'd say the same as at any event of this nature no matter which way its run, small numbers. I know for me a day spent marshalling a championship autotest as an around 10 years ago scarred me for life! As for spectators I would imagine it will be partly down to the promotion of future autotests as to numbers.
OZ10 replied at 17:23, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
Yeah championship level maybe aiming too high. But the likes of MG or PPMC could have ran a great, simple but entertaining autotest there. Possibly boosting the numbers entered
KevM replied at 20:00, Sun 30 Aug, 2015
As said, nice chilled out sunny Sunday. The drivers all seemed to be enjoying the activities! I got a couple of stages in the passenger seat of the Manta & then took to the sky for a quick run in the helicopter. I'm only gutted that I wasn't there doing passenger runs round the cones in yet another MX5!!! @56oval were you in the Beetle with the trumpet? :)