Spelga Cruise at Spelga Dam

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Spelga Dam, hidden within the twisting roads of the Mourne Mountains was the venue for an afternoon photo shoot.

We didn’t arrive until four o’clock and had to park at the roadside in a queue of modified cars. As I wandered down to the main car park I was met by the McNasty’s who had been told there was no action in the area. Not the case though as we all heard the backfire of twincams in the distance, and as we pushed through the crowd a few rings were being thrown. A Mk2 Escort was out along with an Astra on 19s for some burnout action, and an old Toyota Celica-Supra put in some circles. Without a doubt the best performer (apart from the roll-caged twincam) was the driver of the white Impreza who just didn’t lift off until the smoke was blinding the crowd.

The other half of the car park held the tightly parked modified cars, most of which ended up getting covered in grass from the antics of a quad bike rider. I was walking back to the car I met Clive and Mackie from the PCC who jumped in to the Corolla as the rain hit. Thankfully it only lasted a few minutes and everyone emerged from their cars for some more action.

The action continued until about 7pm when everyone left for a bite of dinner before heading to the next location, Downpatrick.


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