Straightliners Drag Racing at Bishops Court

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With the success of drag racing at the SWRC events held at Bishopscourt, straightliners were invited over to run a professionally timed quarter mile event. It was run in a slick and professional manner by the organisers which meant that competitors got many runs during the course of the day. However I was surprised that more people hadn’t turned out especially considering the great weather.

<strong>Show and Shine Winners by Category</strong>
1980-1990 – Toyota Twincam
1990-2000 – Neil Henry, Veilside Kitted Toyota Supra
2000-2007 – Vauxhall Astra, Reg: S5GRD
Overall Show and Shine Winner – Gareth Smython,Toyota Starlet

<strong>Drag Racing Winners</strong>
Open Class – John Curistan ECC Subaru Impreza beat WK Developments Subaru
1100 Class – Joe,Red Tommi Makinnen Evo beat White Subaru Impreza
1250 Class – Grey Subaru Impreza beat White ECC Subaru Impreza
1350 Class – White Evo 3 Beat Red Turbo Type R Civic
1400 Class – Black Vauxhall Astra VXR beat Black Civic Type R
1500 Class – Grey Civic won No opponent


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