Street Cred at Car Care Centre

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After finishing the ICE boot build for Gavin’s Corsa, we thought where else to show off the 306-lighted black beauty, than <i>Street Cred</i> – an annual event held by the Car Care Centre in Lisburn.

We were greeted with an unusually good day of Northern Irish weather, and got a good chance to look at some of the finest up-and-coming modified motors in the province. After giving the corsa a good few coats of Autoglym, we went for a quick photo-shoot, spotting a DVD-ICE packed 206cc, and the jon44w Renault 5 GT-Turbo (that pulls a 13.01s quarter mile!) I also noticed a tasty white corolla with WRC decals.

I look forward to next year’s event – who knows what we’ll see.


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