SWRC Track & Race Day at Aghadowey

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After the weather started to play up this week, most of us where unsure if saturday would be dry or wet. So i was pleased when i dragged my ass out of bed to see the sun splitting the trees and dry roads. 

Everytime you go to the Track/drag day up here thing get better and better, small changes here and there, some you notice some you dont.  Like the running of the pit area was speeded up by the one way system, drag cars parked together in one area, track cars lined up before there race started. just small things that help the day run smooth. The drift guys were down in numbers today, as the majority of them where over at Silverstone watching or competing in the drifting.  The race series had its thrills and spills with one of the 1200 class nova meeting the big hard fench on the last corner of the last lap.. and a bit of full contact from the 2 senators left a few dented and bent panels. 

The drag racing was huge this time round. There was a huge amount of runners there and the quality of cars had once again improved ALOT. losts of good times where put down, by all classes. Congrats to Airforce1 for yet again winning and getting the fastest 1/4 time there again with 12.26 seconds!


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