Track Skills Track Day at Kirkistown

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Well at 10.20am this morning my phone was going mad and I looked to see Kirkistown ringing and the question of "you doing much today Graham?" erm "fancy coming down to marshal" so off I went with the thermals on to marshal at the track skills day which I didn’t even know was on. Thankfully the rain stayed off all day and it wasn’t ‘too’ cold? Some real nice machines out in particular the dark blue impreza with tinted glass (non-standard car from the goes and flames from it) and also the WR1 impreza. In the line up where a few old Supra’s, Silvia turbo, MR2 turbo (very very sideways, well done that man) new Supra, 205, Charade turbo, Elise, Westfield and a Quantum to name a few off hand.

It was like an RMS Marshals squad with Arfur, PaddyR, Gerard and myself on the posts and then the COC starting it all off. Have to say it was a really well run day and I’d definitely be back to see more of them but it was a shame that the usual M3 and ZM Coupe from Dublin didn’t arrive for this day as they are usually great fun to watch and also listen too. Real big thanks to the guys from Track Skills for the day running smoothly for us and good organization and tutoring of the racing lines for all the drivers meaning less spills for us to sort out and more thrills for the drivers (well I hope anyway).


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