Track Skills Track Day at Kirkistown Race Circuit

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Sunday 29th Oct saw the last scheduled track day of the 2006 season at Kirkistown in the hands of Track Skills and what a day it was to turn out to be.  From early morning the new comers arrived for sign on and got their tuition laps for both safety and also to improve their knowledge of the circuit or simply to who those who have never been there before the layout of the track and what lines / braking etc to best use. Unusually for Kirkistown the sun was blazing and after being fully booked weeks in advance of the day the turnout was not shy.

Cars left the pit lane in groups of 15 generally for their track sessions and it was amazing to see 2 groups especially dedicated to 1 make of vehicle, those being “kit cars” and “lotus” which is credit to the drivers for coming out in force. Other notable entries were a Noble M12 GTO, 2 TVR’s, Mickey’s RST and some crazy man in an Evo 3 with glowing brakes (well it was our site sponsor actually)

Most of the starters finished the day all well but sadly a few cars didn’t make it to the end with unplanned mechanical hitches should we say so hopefully they will be back in 2007 bigger and better. Huge thanks must go to Donal, Keith and all the marshals at these events for making them run so smoothly and professionally.


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