Trackskills at Kirkistown

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Once again we were blessed with good weather on Sunday. There were a few new faces in attendance but it was the old hands who had trouble. Malcolm Bruce, Kevin Daly, Nad Haighi, Jason Wright and Kenny Wylie all were done for the day before the end of their first run!

That left a very skimpy field but got everyone else loads of track time. It was great to see the young Jake Byrne racking up the miles in the Ginetta Junior that he is campaigning this year.

As usual, the Westfield Brigade put on a good show. Philip Dalgity brought his tidy Honda S2000 out to play and had a few hairy moments but he left with an enormous smile!

David Buchanan showed that he wasnt scared of his Porsche 997 GT3, finding its limits on a number of occasions. Paul Keys teamed up with Stephen Pickering in his Honda, since Pauls Busa is currently in bits. The sight of him hounding Roy Stewarts Busa round the hairpin was humorous.

Brian McCann spent the day adjusting tyre pressures and suspension settings on his Porsche. I didnt get a chance to talk to him before he left to see if things had improved. The marshals, as ever, did a great job and have our whole hearted appreciation.


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