Trackskills Track Day at Kirkistown Circuit

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Sunday saw the second trackskills day of 2009. The weather was perfect for a bit of racing and with some bike racing the day before the track was lovely and grippy. Seemed to be a high quality of car down this time, a pair of exiges were on top form as well as the usual bike engined kitcars but this time there was a batch of virtually identical white clio 197s doing their best to show everyone how it was done french style.

Few other RMS regulars were there, myself in the M3, scrob in the dynorod 306, nick in his yellow elise and minimad in his cooper S mini. Thankfully the say was relatively bump free with only one or two mishaps and it seemed a good day was had by all.

Toyo award for tyre destruction definately goes to scrob who managed to wreck a new R888 in one day. Well done mate!

See you all on the 26th April


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Paul has been part of the team on RMS since early 2002. A big fan of car audio and electronics (when they work). Pilots a 996 911.

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