Trackskills Track Day at Kirkistown

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Sunday 29th April brought beautiful weather to Kirkistown for our second track day of 2007.

Once again there was a great selection of cars including a massive collection of Lotus models, an impressive gathering of Locaterfields, a good number of hot hatches, some well driven BMW’s and Evos, an RX8, a good representation of Dr Porsche’s produce, a typically understated Skyline and a relatively rare (to us) Sierra XR4i.

However, for me and others who commented to me, the star performance was given by Richard Demster’s 182 Clio. This very clean little car, with Richard driving it, was a revelation, not least to a few Lotus drivers.

The award for innovation on the day should go to Vinny Hayes who, on a Sunday afternoon in Kircubbin, from a position of zero local knowledge including people and places, left the circuit for a while and then returned, somehow having found someone to sell him four second hand tyres and wheels for a Skyline!

The most surreal moment of the day was when the Flowerpot Men came in to sign on! Actually, they were Lee Walker and Graham Curry both looking like extras from National Lampoon’s Vacation, with their flower pot hats! They did have the last laugh because I got sunburned and, presumably, they didn’t!

There were a few bad luck stories like the Lotus that suffered some front end damage after an excursion at Debtor’s, or Andrew Yeats’ Elise that got launched over the kerbs at Colonial 2, suffering some suspension damage. However, the worst luck of the day didn’t even happen at the circuit. Regular participants, Wesley and Sam Lyle, were on their way to the circuit when a stone smashed the window of their trusty Toyota MR2. Not being a laminated screen, it broke into thousands of tiny pieces which dutifully lodged themselves in every nook and cranny of the interior of the car. Neither Lyle uses a visored helmet and so they decided that it would be too dangerous both for them and the other participants on the day, if they were to go out on track. So what did they do? Well, Sam turned the car round at Greyabbey and headed back to Ballyclare while Wesley took the trouble to come down to us to let us know that they weren’t going to make it and could give their place to someone else!

With that being typical of the people at our track days, you just know that there will always be consideration shown to everyone on the track.

As an aside, I would like to make mention of and apologise to the people who came in later in the afternoon in what, I think, were Toyota Turbo Hatchbacks. I am usually chasing my tail all day in the paddock and did not notice their build up. However, as the day progressed and the paddock began to thin out, I looked up at one point to see an impressively long line of these cars parked side by side right across the top paddock. They looked great and added something to the day. Unfortunately, I hadn’t time to talk to any of them, nor did I get a picture. If anyone did get a picture of the display and could send it to me with some details, I would like to put it on our web site.

Judging by the comments made to me on the day, everyone seemed to have a great time. Five o’clock seemed to come very quickly and suddenly it was all over.

Thanks to Fel and her team who did a great job once again. Thanks to Viv and Eórann who looked after the grub and to Greer who does anything he is asked to do.

Lastly, thanks to all who came and made it the success it was.


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