Trackskills Trackday at Kirkistown

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After a rained-off false start in February, we were treated to a completely dry day at Kirkistown. Having said that, it was raining up the road in Greyabbey!

The turn out was moderate with our usual faithful regulars in attendance.

John Mulholland (Ford Focus RS) and Connire Finn (Lotus Elise) put on a great show of close, fast and controlled driving. Nicholas Wood seemed to be going for the mileage record in his Elise. He told me that he was trying to master a heel-and-toe technique. (Is he thinking of going racing, I wonder?)

Sam and Wesley Lyle brought two new acquisitions with them. A Lotus Carlton and a Mazda MX5. The Carlton was quick. Wesley was able to dry his hair with the roof down in the Mazda!

Ralph Jess and David Morrison brought their competition BMWs out for a shake down. Ralph had some teething troubles but when the car was going, it was a lethal weapon! It sat and bounced as he tried to put the power down. (I’m praying for wet races all season!)

Roy Stewart, Dessie McGlade, Jeff Rutherford and Larry Mawhinney made the best of the good weather in their Westfields. However, Andy Parkinson had clutch and gearbox problems in his MK Indy.

Chris Rogan had to do some bodywork modifications to his quick Clio to stop the tyres rubbing on the rear wheel arches.

It was good to see some new faces. I think Alan Patton, Adrian Hanna and Gareth Jackson enjoyed themselves.

Thanks, as ever, to Fel’s marshals and St John’s ambulance service.


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