UAC Sprint at Kirkistown Race Circuit

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Kirskistown race circuit saw the last sprint of the year with the UAC running this one, great turn out of competitors and the weather turned good by lunch time for a dry afternoons racing.

Top 10
1 Alan Soutar, Mondiale M84T, 132.20
2 Stephen Donnelly, Locost Honda, 136.68
3 Christopher Houston, OMS CF, 138.59
4 Enda Bryne, DJ Hayabusa, 141.14
5 Gordon Buckley, Radical Clubsport, 142.46
6 Peter Carvill, Mondiale 84T, 145.14
7 David Francis, Westfield SE, 146.40
8 Richard McGimpsey, Nocost, 147.31
9 John Stewart, Reynard FF84. 147.31
10 Robert McGimpsey, Nocost, 148.52


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