UK vs Ireland Drifting at Rosegreen

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Saturday’s practice event with 3 cars hitting the outer wall of the oval meant for a crazy weekend at the Tipperary track.  The D1 licence holders getting were getting very little practice time on a circuit that was reversed to make it more fair on the UK drifters. 

Fair play to the UK lads and it was amazing to see the wee MX5 getting the drifting style as it’s a car capaple of it but you never see on our shores. The Irish drivers once again came out victorious on this annual battle which shows the skill and ability of home grown talent and well done to all involved. 

Mulvey, Buff and McNamara seemed to be the 3 top contenders to walk away with the title of the day but with some serious amount of talent on the Sunday it was a tough ride for them to say the least. Bumpers got pulled off most cars as it looked like the day was turning into dogem cars giving the crowd a rather spectacular sight and even in the middle of the circuit, with the turbo’s blowing, tyres screeching and amazing driving to see.  All i could hear was the crowds cheering about it all which was just a show of how much they were enjoying the day.  

Jonny P in a borrowed 200sx even landed on it’s roof, whilst out against Buff as he clipped the wall which sent him over, and then slid along on it’s roof for a brave distance before coming to a halt.  Jonny was thankfully unhurt but the same couldn’t be said for the car. 

The day ended with Darren McNamara winning, Martin French 2nd, Damien Mulvey 3rd and Mark Luney 4th overall so well done guys!  


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