Ulster Drift Championship at Bishopscourt

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UDC Drift and Drag, the action kicked of under the glorious hot,hot,hot summer weather and what a day it was to be in the drift battles as a few of the big names went out in the top 8. Alan Chubby McCord was there today but only as a spectator. In the Qualifying and the top 16 battles there was a number of spin outs (a few of these were trying to kill the photographers) and crashes. The top 4 drivers were then, S.McCooey, Rob Barnett, Duane McKeever and Simon Muldrew. Duane was up against Rob in the battle for 3rd position but after the first corner Duane pulled off due to an issue with his power steering resulting in rob taking 3rd place, there was even more dramatic action to come in the final as McCooey came into the very first corner clipping the bank and resulting in damage to his front left wheel so this lead to Simon Muldrew taking the overall win off the day and the top 4 will also be in action at this weekends Nitro Festival at Whiteriver Go-Kart track near Slane on the 10th July check out //www.nitrofestival.com for more info.

The AMA drivers got to run on a new kidney shape track while the UDC action was taking place this lead to a day of non-stop action, and if you thought youve seen it all at bishopscourt think again as there was a Diesel Merc out in the AMA and if you thought the white some was hard to see through try driving behind the diesel kicking out the black smoke screen.

After all the drifting action was over it was time to hand the track over to the Drag racers, and all the usual suspects were there including Jack frost with his road legal land speed record Hayabusa Turbo bike which has a top speed of 271mph+, aswell as Shane on a very similar holeshot racing bike. Both of which ran the quarter mile in 9 seconds.

Aswell as a few female entries including the Class 1 Winner Roz Corry in her Evo 9, Viki Titterington in a pink Honda Integra and Kathryn Parton in a Subaru Impreza.

And the best drag run was kept till the end with Andrew on a modified Kids Slider managed to do a 1min 57 run (oh and that was with a busted wheel).

And at the end of the day it was still too hot for most of us……


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