Volksautumn at Mount Stewart

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For the second year running VolksAutumn in conjuction with Rule6, (formally Volkswinter), was held on the grounds of The Mount Stewart Estate Co.Down. The weather stayed great all day, the amount and quality of cars that turned up was incredible and a good day was had by all. We raised £523 on the day for The National Trust.

Thank You to everyone that turned up on Sunday to support The National Trust and the growing VW and V.A.G scene in Northern Ireland. Was a great atmostphere about the grounds, with the jazz going on and the glourious weather we got.

A big thanks to every club/forum that turned out it force,

Rule6 – for all the help on the day from all our members.
NS Dubs
V.A.G Drivers
North Coast Cruisers
Seat guys

And everyone else that turned up on the day.


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