Xtreme Autos Open Day at Xtreme Autos

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Richie Lavin is known for his string of successful <em>100% Modified </em>shows with his promotional company <em>Xtreme Promotions</em>, and now he’s opened one of Ireland’s best car modifying and tuning shops, <em>Xtreme Autos</em>. I was kindly invited down to their Christmas bash – how could I resist some free burgers and some high power action on their rolling road!

William (Big Dog) and I left Belfast in my Corolla to make an early morning dash from Belfast to Waterford. We thundered down the motorway towards Dublin, my first time on the new bypass and by 8.20 we were passing Dublin. Only stopping to have a quick whizz in the hedge, we crossed the main bridge into Waterford at 10.20. Good going, eh!

Junior (CruiseIrl) met us in the centre of the town and we followed him up to what is really a huge facility. After a brief meet and greet we had a good look round. As promised there was a 4×4 rolling road, ECU remapping and diagnostic computers, servicing facilities and a full on modifying shop supplying all sorts of aftermarket products. Justin and Darren from Modified Motors were down, as were Fly and Dan from Max Power, and Richie from <em>Fuel</em> had brought his 850CSi as featured in the episode of Jackass at the Gumball Rally.

We were promised some rolling road action, and first up was Richie Lavin’s own GTO twin turbo, which exceeded 200mph on the rollers and hit a respectable 299bhp. Next up was an Evo 6 RS and Impreza before we got stuck in to a mountain of burgers and sausages on the barbie.

It wasn’t until early evening that Mark Luney and Davy Hollinger arrived in their M5 and Supercharged Corolla respectively, and Mark managed to blag a run on the rollers. The E34 M5 read a staggering 334bhp at 161mph (19bhp over standard) so Mark was well pleased.

Come closing time, we had planned to stay overnight in Clonmel, but as soon as we heard that the staff were heading into Waterford for Richie’s birthday, a swift accomodation change later and we were on the town!

Bring on the <a href=”//www.rmsmotoring.com/shows.php?report=D1GP_Drifting,_Tipperary,_14.12.03″>D1GP drifting championship</a> in Tipperary the next day, and a sore head!

Words & Photos – <em>Andy</em>


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