Hallidays Cars and Coffee

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Mixed weather conditions and a pandemic disease didn’t deter a large turnout at Halliday Peugeot for cars and coffee along with NI-BMW and RMS.

It was great to knock elbows, catch up with friends and see some of our spectacular members cars ranging from the stunning Ferrari 355 above to the 2020 Megane Trophy-R below.  

Coronavirus and the effect it will have on this year’s show season was on many people’s minds but it wasn’t holding us back from getting caffeinated and queuing up for Halliday’s turntable photo booth.

Many thanks to Jamie, Lexie and the team at Hallidays for hosting us, and the NI-BMW club with their superb organisation at the gate.  Keep an eye on the thread for those turntable photos.


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Andy is the founding member of RMS, and when he's not following motoring events around the UK and Ireland he can be found on the track (sideways, having competed in top level drifting for a decade), or of course he'll be on the forum.

RMS Forum Comments

Gemma replied at 22:13, Fri 07 Feb, 2020
Thank you for asking us @JamieG95 Will be a fantastic day :D
Jason replied at 22:35, Fri 07 Feb, 2020
Will def get round to this one lol
southsky sunrise replied at 23:15, Fri 07 Feb, 2020
Il say il go.... probably won’t or the m3 will be sold before it comes around :joy: Would like to be there but....
rwcampbell93 replied at 16:19, Sat 08 Feb, 2020
I'll hopefully come too and if it's OK I'll bring my camera too.
Cooper replied at 16:42, Sat 08 Feb, 2020
Will be up in the Lotus!
MarkM replied at 16:47, Sat 08 Feb, 2020
Balls deep in buying a house at the minute, going really depends on progress/packing/mental anguish 8o|
pablo replied at 16:53, Sat 08 Feb, 2020
Sounds like a good excuse to get the VX out a run.
Woodcutter replied at 17:19, Sat 08 Feb, 2020
I’ll be there, but I won’t be cooking burgers this time! ?
Todd replied at 17:35, Sat 08 Feb, 2020
Hope to make this! It's a few days before our wedding...
Crow555 replied at 18:37, Sat 08 Feb, 2020
I won't have the Integra out but may take the MX5 instead. I was a passanger at the one 18 months ago and it was a good day out.