RMS Cars Tyres and BBQ at Kerrs Tyres Coleraine

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The second “RMS Cars Tyres and BBQ” was held this time at Kerr’s Tyres Coleraine depot. This time we were joined by Room2Race who ran Mk2 escort competitions in their three driving simulators all day.

Over 100 cars turned up including the Renaultsport owners club, and it was another relaxed afternoon of food and chat. Congratulations to the Room2Race winners and to Chris Gray who won car of the day in his AE86 Corolla.

Thanks again to Kerr’s Tyres for both hosting the event at their premises and providing the food and drink for all who turned up.

We hope to run more of these BBQs in 2015 so keep an eye on the forum for the latest.


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Andy is the founding member of RMS, and when he's not following motoring events around the UK and Ireland he can be found on the track (sideways, having competed in top level drifting for a decade), or of course he'll be on the forum.

RMS Forum Comments

SMURF1 replied at 16:30, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
Seen some nice cars but dam that ae86 is a bit special.
Cooper replied at 16:41, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
Photos and report up - http://reallymeansounds.com/report.php?event=798 http://reallymeansounds.com/reports/798/big/rmsimg16.jpg http://reallymeansounds.com/reports/798/big/rmsimg61.jpg http://reallymeansounds.com/reports/798/big/rmsimg39.jpg
pablo replied at 16:43, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
couple of the rusty nuts lads up (Y)
marcdh replied at 18:56, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
Good job RMS and Kerr's Tyres (y) A great turnout and free burgers, thanks! Would have stuck around longer but surf was up :cool:
Stu Beck replied at 19:05, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
@Neil Kirkpatrick is looking a complete opposite direction to the camera in all them pics. lol
AIRFORCE1 replied at 19:09, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
| @Neil Kirkpatrick is looking a complete opposite direction to the camera in all them pics. lol
Did you go?
Stu Beck replied at 19:10, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
No. just looked at the pics.
Stu Beck replied at 19:35, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
That twin cam looks the dogs danglies. Who owns the blue escort? anyone on here?
mcmurray replied at 20:07, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
Good day out. Thanks for the burgers. (y) Got a look round @EF Ian 's EF. Lovely car. (L) 67571
gav525 replied at 20:30, Sun 28 Sep, 2014
Luckily the burgers cleared my hangover right up and had a good day in the end. Thanks to RMS and Kerrs for putting it on, will definitely be at the next one again (y)