TSCC Cars and Coffee at Down Royal

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The Thoroughbred Sports Car Club of NI (TSCC) held a cars and coffee event at the Down Royal Race Course.  With a broad variety of cars turning up at previous events we were sure to cover today’s that was held on a sunny, dry October’s morning.

Photos thanks to Ryan McMurray


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Amos replied at 20:49, Thu 16 Nov, 2006
Very Very Good... Loved that...
Rik replied at 20:57, Thu 16 Nov, 2006
Lmao Great Post
XR_2OOL replied at 23:10, Thu 16 Nov, 2006
wish i had a car that easy on fuel
Curtiz replied at 16:39, Sun 19 Nov, 2006
lmao! class, sounds brilliant :D
wingnut replied at 17:22, Sun 19 Nov, 2006
Hahaha brilliant - that tune in the background was pissing me off though.
Arouser replied at 18:35, Sun 19 Nov, 2006
Lol!!!!! Fantastic Video!!
Antoin replied at 19:20, Sun 19 Nov, 2006
thats class turbo noises were brilliant...lol
m00k replied at 20:05, Sun 19 Nov, 2006
sorry but i think its pish....
tim replied at 20:22, Sun 19 Nov, 2006
lol i thought the supra sounded very real! Really reminded me and sounded like the one in The Fast and The Furious.
aaron_m replied at 20:48, Sun 19 Nov, 2006
lmao, excellent