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The Thoroughbred Sports Car Club NI, (TSCC NI) cars and coffee events are a bit of a hidden gem of an event. Held at the Down Royal Race Course, the meet has grown exponentially over the past year or so – largely through word of mouth. The relaxed atmosphere and spacious surroundings attract some of the most amazing cars Northern Ireland has to offer. Yesterday’s event was no exception and undoubtedly helped by the bright, sunny weather.

The beauty about this event is the ability to get up close to wide range of cars in a non-show setting. And you get to talk to like minded owners, so you can admire, learn and share experiences. You know that an event has reach and appeal when Porsche GT cars make an appearance.

But this isn’t some supercar haven. The classics were also well represented with this stunning Mk1 Escort that was representing the Ford fans along with a few Sierra Cosworth models.

This was a great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning, with a wide variety of rare, classic and both super and sports cars mixed in with today’s modern and modified.  There is an all embracing, open door policy, so whatever you drive, get to the next one.


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Motorsport photographer, inspired by rallying hero, Colin McRae. Enjoys getting up close and personal with interesting cars in the NI show scene. Drives a Renaultsport Megane 225... in orange. More at Flickr.com/SonnyG88

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Cooper replied at 09:18, Mon 21 Mar, 2016
Why did I not go to this?! Great pics @Sonny I spy some RMSers in the pics @Reno_LV http://reallymeansounds.com/wp/wp-content/gallery/tscc-cars-coffee-1/TSCC-Cars-and-Coffee-07.jpg @Paul RS http://reallymeansounds.com/wp/wp-content/gallery/tscc-cars-coffee-1/TSCC-Cars-and-Coffee-26.jpg My old car... @PeteMoore - new bumper and splitter noted! http://reallymeansounds.com/wp/wp-content/gallery/tscc-cars-coffee-1/TSCC-Cars-and-Coffee-40.jpg
Andy044 replied at 09:40, Mon 21 Mar, 2016
Just got the corner of my soarer into that last pic also (Y) Great pics Sonny I looked through the lot on your fb page. Thanks for the pic of the Soarer
Reno_LV replied at 10:12, Mon 21 Mar, 2016
I was surprised not to see you there @Cooper note to yourself next one i think was may 1st!
Neil_M replied at 11:42, Tue 22 Mar, 2016
I'll have to get to one of these too. :) Looks like a great standard of cars.