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<p>The first heat to decide which cars would be in Ireland’s top 100 began today outside an Iceland store in Belfast. The turnout for the event was poor, with only 30 or so cars there for judgin

<p>After some inital confusion, Ala G (Ali G impressionist) set the record straight at 100% Modified (in the&nbsp;Kings Hall earlier that day)&nbsp;- we were heading to the Lough Shore i

<p>The Kings Hall in Belfast was the latest venue for the 100% Modified show, previously held in Dublin….</p><p>Brrr…. Brrr…Bang. My mobile had vibrated so much it fell off the

The third IASCA sound off of the season was held at Audio Advice in Portadown. Among the spectators was a representative of Genesis in their ICE’d up Mini. Davy Smith did the usual, adding his own per

The second IASCA event of the season was held at Sound In Motion in Campsie, L’Derry – which meant a good run for us up the Glenshane Pass.When I arrived, I met up with Pablo, and we discussed the won

Max Power was over in the province for feature car photo shoots. Cars photographed included ChrisNoMates’ Veilside MR2, and the Stealth Creations 206 (on 19&quot;s!)
<p>Things started to get

Aghadowey was again home to more tyre shredding madness as the country swarmed to the oval for another car show and diffing event.
<p>IASCA weren’t having an official event, but they did provide

With very little sleep and sore heads (the result of a combination of the clocks moving an hour forward and a brief trip into the Temple Bar after the cruise the previous evening), we attempted again