2004 Ford Transit Recovery Truck | £2,295

Bought this to keep me on the road after my own truck let me down. 15ft x 7ft body that took anything I put near it. Warrior Winch that I had doubts about but again it was very fit for purpose pulling on a transit van without bother. The van comes with no PSV (Ran out in June 19) as I didn’t require it for recovery use but to be honest it will require a bit of welding on back out rigger but legs etc fine, also the handbrake fixed as there a bit of a bodge on the adjuster. Bit of a whine from the diff also but again never bothered me, has had 4 new tyres at the rear and a recent service. Very nice we truck that I wouldn’t hesitate jumping into and driving to cork tonight. Does need abit of tidying and the price reflects this, if full price not met il keep it and test it myself after the holidays and it’ll be a grand dearer. I only got the green slip so will be sold with that, remote central locking, recent sun visor, wind deflectors. 

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