2005 Honda CR-V Executive Auto DEPOSIT TAKEN | £1,250

Selling our 2.0 iVtec automatic CRV in metalic black with cream interior. Will be available to go 12-13th July when we get our newer ..yes you guessed it..CRV 
We've owned the car for 11 years, and one previous owner before us.
Car MOT is due 27th Oct 21.

It is Cat D,  in 2016 minor collision, damage to passenger side, so passenger wing painted replaced, drivers door filled and painted.
Some trim on passneger side reglued. I have pics of the damage and engineer report from inspection.

Towbar - used for pulling a small trailer for dump runs 1-2 a year

Oil changed last month. in ths KA20 engined car.
Executive gets you satnav, leather with front heated seats, and sat nav.
Headlight replaced two years ago.
Front springs replaced.
Front drop links replaced

1. EML on due to KNock Sensor, this can be bought for £20 on ebay or £100 from Honda. I have an ODB tool to show potential buyer, but its a common fault when they get to 2007+ due to part failure.
2. Knocking from rear passenger side wheel, or prop shaft, this has been there for 3 years and not flagged in MOT, a new prop is £100. 


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