2007 Saab 93 Vector Sport | £1,400

Haven't used RMS Classifieds in a long while. Hopefully it saves me from the toilet that is Bakebook/Gumtree etc.

Here's a 07 Saab 9-3 wagon. Reason for replacing is that I have recently purchased an 08 Aero model, the model I was initally looking for. 

I've owned it for approx 3 years. In that time I used it as a daily for work and back, and kid lugger. It's not going to win any concours, but it's been looked after by Saab man Darren, and has always got what I needed during my ownership.

Car comes with old winter tyres, I've also got some budgets I can throw in with the sale. Has nearly a years MOT, flew through with no advisories.

Car is located in East Belfast. Apologies for the pics, car is up the driveway, no insurance!

Any questions, please ask away.

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