2011 Suzuki Swift Sport | £3,700

One of the very last of this model which is where I personally think the styling peaked for these cars. My apologies for the photos, it was the only time I could get out and it was good old November mank. The paint on these is heavily pearlescent and takes on an amazing ice white in the sun (when it gets out) and you really do need sunglasses if you’re cleaning it on a bright day.
Tyres: This is a real drivers car with go-buggy handling so I changed the Mohawk ditch-finder specials to Avon ZZ5s when I bought it. It really sticks in corners in quite a similar fashion to the old classic Minis. Tread depths at centre measured as: front O/S 4mm, front N/S 3.5mm, rear O/S 6mm, rear N/S 5.5mm.
Engine: The oil has been changed regularly using Motul fully synthetic 5w 30 and OE Suzuki oil filters. Last changed in June along with the plugs and an OE air filter. I also changed the gearbox oil.
Cabin: Upholstery in good condition, I had the drivers seat bolster fixed as it had worn through. Full set of red trimmed floor mats. The stereo stopped working a while back and the screen just says ‘SEC’ now. It’s the original unit with CD only and no Bluetooth or AUX input, so it’s maybe something you want to upgrade anyway. The A/C works really well and demists the windows quickly.
Other items : As part of prep for the MoT it had some of the front suspension wishbone bushes replaced along with a broken front spring and I also had the brake lines on the rear axle replaced. The car is currently on an MoT exemption until February 21, but that could extend again as I’m sure you’re all aware!
I put the mudflaps on to protect the paint, it’s just a matter of a few christmas tree fasteners to remove them though if you want the original look back.
I also bought a space saver spare wheel for it as I don’t agree with filling tyres with gunk, especially on something like this.
That’s about it, other than to say if you are wanting a test drive in the fun seat I’ll need to see proof of comprehensive insurance and some ID, sorry but lesson learned on that one. Give me a shout for anything else!

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