1988 Volvo 740 240 DL 2.3 Petrol | £1,600

Not  a 740! There was no 240 option in the pull down....
Why I'm selling: I’ve held off selling as long as I could, but I have to get him moved on before he starts to degrade through lack of use. Over the years I’ve owned him I’ve tried to get as much of the worn mechanical stuff replaced as possible, but I now need a car that requires less time and effort. The last job was lapping in the valves / decarbonising the cylinders and replacing the valve stem seals. Whatever I’m doing when installing the seals results in them getting crushed, there is still one gone after having the head off three times, and really that was the last straw for me. It’s been off the road for about a year now as I haven’t the heart to try again and also didn’t want to sell, but here we are. The engine still runs / starts / pulls well, it just smokes past the seal. Compression is uniform and good. The car has been moved regularly as it’s in the way of another car, so it’s not just been sitting.
Bodywork: There is one large piece of rust (pictured) and the bottom of the tailgate is a bit rough, but other than that it’s just spots and is solid. The underside is covered in that thick black sealant stuff and is in good nick. The paint and black trim are as you might expect on a 32 year old car, but it’s all there. There are a couple of new hockey stick trims that come with the car. Replaced the headlight reflectors and both the rear light clusters. Bonnet hinges replaced 2012, working well. Tailgate gas struts replaced 2016.
Engine: The carb was changed from the original Solex to a 32/34 DMTL Weber from a 740, topped with a K&N. V cam installed. New cam belt last year. Pulsair and EGR systems removed. The exhaust is a custom stainless single box job, the manifold is the Skandix tubular item from Simons altered for right hand drive. I was let down on an order for a full stainless system and had to do the best I could here as I’d already chucked the old stuff. Replacement HT coil, leads, cap, rotor and plugs. Radiator replaced 2014, coolant changed regularly. Exide battery March 17 (awesome battery). Funky red cam cover!
Transmission : The 4 speed lunched itself a while ago so I took the opportunity to change it to an M47 to get better economy. Replacement driveshaft and bolts all balanced. I replaced the clutch, release and spigot bearings at the same time. New master cylinder 2014.
Suspension / brakes : New rear springs fitted 2013, also fitted Grayson assistors. Trailing arm bushes replaced with polys (both). New droplinks 2016. New front lower ball joints come with the car. Tyres (Firestones) have 15000 miles on them, still in good nick, tread 3-4mm all round. Good spare. Both front calipers replaced 2016.
Paperwork etc: Loads of receipts, original user manual and folders, 2 keys, Green Haynes manual, original first aid kit (I think).
Spares included in sale:
M47 gearbox
Roof rack (homemade by others but works well)
Volvo bolt-on towbar (and spare number plate for trailer)
Full set of Poly bushes (Classic Swede)
2 x plain black rear hockey stick trims / clips.
Spare 32/34 DMTL Weber
Old Solex carb
Original intake tract / manifold / EGR system / Pulsair system
New fuel pump
Spare power steering pump.
4 new front caliper flexible lines (Brookhouse)
Rear brake shoes
Volvo OEM oil filter
It’s a good running refurb project car with plenty already done. I would really like an enthusiast to buy it, please save him and get him pretty again!
Car is SORNed / no MoT

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