BMW M4 GTS – Already an M-Car Classic

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Having possibly the ultimate M car in the showroom is no mean feat; a car which had a list price somewhere north of £120,000; despite that price tag, it sold out without ever having to be on sale. And to top it all, only 30 were ever allocated to the UK. Say hello to the BMW M4 GTS.


The BMW M4 GTS is impressive for many reasons. Not least, the incredible performance – 500 bhp and 600 nm of torque means the GTS can lap the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 7 minutes 28 seconds.  But perhaps the most impressive thing about the M4 GTS is BMW chose to put it into production in the first place.  The M4 is a pretty imposing piece of kit in standard form. However, the GTS takes off the sensible shirt and tie and goes for gold in the most manic way possible.  It’s the polar opposite of what we’ve come to expect from the existing M4 and that’s what makes it so exceptional.

BMW claim that the M4 GTS is “the most agile, radical and dynamically potent model in the range” helped by an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.  There are no fripperies or luxuries here. Inside, you are by carbon-fibre bucket seats, a lightweight centre console and even the rear seat panelling and boot partition is a special lightweight construction.  There’s no point in looking for door handles, as they’re gone too, replaced by simple pull loops.  The engineers were so ruthless with the weight saving, that even the instrument panel bracing tube is made from lightweight carbon fibre.


Outside, the theme continues. The roof, boot lid and newly designed bonnet are all formed from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. The front splitter and rear wing are also carbon-fibre items and are fully adjustable, nods to BMW’s extensive touring car heritage and expertise.


The M4 GTS uses the same six-cylinder in-line turbo engine from the BMW M3/M4, but adds water injection technology to give the 3.0-litre unit the substantial power hike. The exhaust system is titanium and offers a 20% weight saving as well as providing the screaming soundtrack.  Power is transferred to the rear wheels by a seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT) and the obligatory flappy paddles (or stick) can be used to select gears in rapid fire fashion. No surprise that the Drivelogic programme and launch control has been tweaked to cope with the increased output.


The car rides on three-way adjustable M coilover suspension specially tuned for the BMW M4 GTS. The Acid Orange star-spoke alloy wheels are exclusive to this model and wear Michelin Pilot Sport Cup rubber which has been adapted specifically for this model. Stopping power comes courtesy of M carbon ceramic brakes.


If an ordinary (a misnomer if there ever was one) GTS won’t quite cut it, BMW also offered an optional Clubsport Package. This includes a fetching Acid Orange half roll cage, a six-point harness and a fire extinguisher. Presumably to cool you down after you drive it. Utterly hardcore, but equally brilliant.

Thanks to forum member Robert K for the pictures. 


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RickyB replied at 22:59, Mon 21 Nov, 2016
Is it sold???
big_pete replied at 23:06, Mon 21 Nov, 2016
A customer of ours has one, they are quite different to a regular M4
chris_b replied at 23:10, Mon 21 Nov, 2016
and currently getting quite the bashing on twitter by a load of journos. Wouldn't say no though !
Conor replied at 23:17, Mon 21 Nov, 2016
Black/orange one drove past me yesterday, CEZ *. Bloody lovely if not a bit over the top with the wing.
Robert K replied at 23:50, Mon 21 Nov, 2016
Still for sale Ricky. They had one previously that was a customer order. They brought this over from England as a dealer there wasnt getting interest in it. Apparently this is where the money is!!!
bigsigh replied at 10:04, Tue 22 Nov, 2016
Lovely car, BTW, title of the thread says M3 (Y)
Crispy Rice replied at 10:15, Thu 24 Nov, 2016
Nice, how much is it?
Smick replied at 10:41, Thu 24 Nov, 2016
Looks hideous to me tbh lol Spoiler is terrible.
Normski replied at 10:47, Thu 24 Nov, 2016
@Robert K as in Mr Kidd? As always I'm sure these will be retained by enthusiasts and hold big premiums down the line. Personally, don't think it's their finest creation.
sc_evo replied at 13:54, Thu 24 Nov, 2016
the bmw wheel design department should be very embarrassed with them selves. they have been on the playtation too much of late.