Fast & Furious Live Premieres in London’s O2 Arena

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Fast and the Furious, one of the most successful film franchises of all time, has been distilled into a live action show and arena tour.  With considerable anticipation that this much loved series of films will no doubt generate with it’s millions of fans, we attended both the pre-show event in Liverpool’s Echo Arena and the London premiere in the O2 Arena.

The O2 premiere of Fast and Furious Live was a bona fide red carpet celebrity event, with the franchise’s main star, Vin Diesel making an appearance and taking the opportunity to say a few words on stage before the show started.  The live show does play up the strengths of the world of Fast and Furious, and to have Dominic Toretto himself on stage not only validated the live show itself, but brought that extra bit of excitement to the premiere.

Fast and Furious Live kicks off with the Universal films introduction projected on a huge screen at the end of the auditorium followed by quotes from the movie characters, Paul Walker’s on screen appearance eliciting gasps and applause from the crowd.  Music fills the auditorium drawn from the thumping back catalogue from the movie series.  The excitement and anticipation is palpable. 

The show then starts proper with a swat team style chase sequence.  We’re introduced to two new characters in the Fast and Furious universe – Street Racer Sophia Diaz and DSS Agent Dawson.  Not quite Letty and Dom or Hobbs and Elena from the films but you get the picture.  The premise follows that we’re tracking down a baddie from Cipher’s crew.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your Tokyo Drift from Fast Five the plot is straightforward.  Our protagonists use the experiences of Dom and his crew to help foil the bad guys.  Que all the best cars from the films on stage.


The cars are definitely the stars in Fast and Furious Live with a list of greatest hits from the movie franchise.  Brian’s orange targa-top Supra, Dom’s Charger (supercharger belt satisfyingly spinning over the bonnet), Han’s Orange on Blue Nissan Sylvia S15, the green Eclipse – I’m only scratching the surface here but if you loved any of those cars from the movies they are all here and in full blooded high horsepower form.

If you like what you see so far, Fast and Furious Live is coming to Belfast with 5 shows between Friday 4th May and Sunday 6th May 2018.  See TicketMaster.   Spoilers are now ahead as we delve deeper into this spectacular live show and why it will keep the Fast and Furious franchise burning rubber for the next decade.

After we are introduced to the cars and the stars we’re straight into the action.   Elysla Wren, who plays street racer Sophia Diaz in the live show, is our narrator who takes us through each stage of the story.  She and DSS Agent Dawson (Mark Ebulué) are to embark on a mission to hunt down Cain, a member of baddie Cipher’s crew (Cipher was played by Charilze Theron in Fate of the Furious). 

They will use the techniques and vehicles of Dom and his crew along with the help of the audience and the cars of course, and so the first act kicks off with the insane flip car from Fast and Furious 6 in a helicopter rescue sequence.  The car itself was certainly the star here, with 4 wheel independent steering allowing it to crab around the arena.  Despite it’s moniker no cars were flipped a la Owen Shaw in Fast and Furious 6!

Next up is a recreation of the iconic truck heist sequence from the first movie, complete with the three black EJ Civics sporting green neons complete with truck and stuntman jumping from civic to truck and the ensuing shootout. 

What stood out here was the live projection mapping system that projected the background not only onto a huge screen but also onto the arena floor.  As you can see in the still above, the entire arena is transported into desert freeway adding to the drama.

The supra of course calls by to save the day.  Surely one of the most recognisable movie car stars ever, and the crowd couldn’t get enough of it!

Next up is the tuning shop where we get to decide what bodykit and wheels are fitted to an Evo.  

The audience vote with coloured flyers and votes are taken, with the Evo then built to star later in the event.   Minutes later and with the magic of live projection we’re whisked off to Miami for some street racing.

The arena is filled with the neon hues bringing us right back to the scenes of 2 Fast 2 Furious complete with Honda S2000, Supra, RX7 and R34 GTR Skyline.  Feeding the Fish carried out the stunning LED programming on the cars which is the visual cherry on top.  Point of note, that’s not more neons under the cars, that’s the live projection in action!

Did it suddenly get cold in here?  Roman’s orange Lambo rolls out onto the projected ice flanked by skimobiles in another iconic chase sequence, this time from last year’s The Fate of the Furious.

Nothing is safe in Fast and Furious Live.  Dodge Chargers vault with the cash in Rio as Fast cash is blasted into the stands.    The audience goes wild.

Next up we’re in the carpark.  Thankfully not the one that claimed hundreds of cars in a fire at Liverpool’s echo arena a few weeks back.  No, we’re straight into Tokyo Drift with some cracking close quarters drifting between Han’s S15 and Takashi’s 350z chasing each other around concrete barriers.

I had a chance to look at the 350z after the show to find that it was one of the stunt cars used in the actual movie production.  Not to take the shine off the other cars which are faithful nut and bolt recreations, many from Dennis McCarthy’s shop in California that builds the movie cars.  It’s worth pointing out that with a VIP upgrade on your ticket you can get back stage after the show to see the cars.  I’d highly recommend it for all petrolheads!

Letty and Dom getting some gas.

… And Dom and Brian waste some Nankangs.

When an Impreza and Dodge Charger are thrown out of a plane in Fast and Furious 7 its a spectacular moment, but when it’s in front of your own eyes it was certainly a case of “How the hell did they do this.”   I asked and now know, but you need to see it.  No, its not with wires!

A Lykan Hypersport and a tank.  Fantastic.  The hardware on this show is just uber-cool and looks like a lot of fun.   In the live show, the Lykan makes it’s appearance being liberated from a train, like the GT40 in Fast Five and is then chased by the tank from Fast 6.   We will allow the artistic licence!

The grand finale plays upon one of the most talked about scenes in certainly the Fast franchise history.  The runway sequence – how long was it, fights, explosions.  Suspending belief we all enjoyed it for sure in the movies.  Fast and Furious Live captures this epic moment and not even I will spoil how it ends.  You’ll need to book some tickets for that.

And so as the lights come up and the public leave their seats, Whiz Khalifa’s track See You Again plays, and tugs on the Fast family (that’s you, audience) heart strings.   

It’s been a long time, without you my friend.  I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

Fast and Furious Live is touring now throughout Europe.  For more information and tickets see

Thanks: Chris Burns, Lead Stunt Driver and Head of Vehicle Procurement at Fast and Furious Live.  He’s also a long term member of RMS!  

Photos: Graham Curry



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PeteMoore 11:00 | Thu 25 Jan, 2018 | Report
179590 Now there's a very proud @chris_b - looks almost tearful
chris_b 11:33 | Thu 25 Jan, 2018 | Report
| 179590 Now there's a very proud @chris_b - looks almost tearful
I really was Pete, very much holding back at that precise moment. It’s been such a massive journey with so many highs and lows and in my head the past 5/6 years was all a build up to that night. At that very moment there were 5 people in that arena in front of 11,500 people and many celebs that had built this from nothing other than an idea. It was a really big moment
chris_b 10:59 | Mon 09 Apr, 2018 | Report
So we kicked off our UK tour this weekend in Newcastle and as you know we hit Belfast soon. This is a really good honest show report for anyone wondering about going :) Review: Fast & Furious Live, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
DaddyC 12:13 | Mon 09 Apr, 2018 | Report
The show had brought out the teenage boy racer hidden in my heart. I’ll be buying a nitro booster for my Corsa on Monday. Challenge won @chris_b (y)And oh how we've all been there, 17 years ago admittedly lol..
chris_b 12:16 | Mon 09 Apr, 2018 | Report
| Challenge won @chris_b (y)And oh how we've all been there, 17 years ago admittedly lol..
Haha indeed :grinning: I’m trying to boost that review on social platforms so if anyone fancies sharing on fb or whatever I’d be hugely grateful
stevensti 12:44 | Mon 09 Apr, 2018 | Report
Shared on facebook. Kids cant wait for this (neither can I if I am honest)
chris_b 13:19 | Mon 09 Apr, 2018 | Report
| Shared on facebook. Kids cant wait for this (neither can I if I am honest)
Thanks Steven :)
Cro 13:25 | Mon 09 Apr, 2018 | Report
@Boydie @Carson @ChrisL and myself are looking forward to a Saturday night of a few beers and as many f&f cheese quotes as we can muster
ChrisL 13:26 | Mon 09 Apr, 2018 | Report
| @Boydie @Carson @ChrisL and myself are looking forward to a Saturday night of a few beers and as many f&f cheese quotes as we can muster
LOL ... actually cant wait.
azzamut 13:28 | Mon 09 Apr, 2018 | Report
Can you still get tickets for this?

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