Idris Elba has “No Limits” on new TV show

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Internationally acclaimed actor, car enthusiast and King Of Speed, Idris Elba, hits the small screens once again in an all action, high-octane new show. Idris Elba: No Limits premieres on the Discovery Channel at 9pm on 6th July and follows car racing fan Idris for four episodes as he attempts to get to grips with a number of differing motorsport disciplines.

The challenges include an attempt to break the “Flying Mile” record set by Malcolm Campbell back in 1927, as well as drag racing at Santa Pod and an attempt at rallying our own Circuit of Ireland, under the tutelage of Jimmy McRae.

Idris Elba Circuit of Ireland Rally

In a recent interview in The Sun, Idris admitted to being a bit of a rally nut. “Rally driving was always on the TV back in the day when I was a kid. It was like rainy weather watching, when I wasn’t allowed to play out.

“My dad worked at Ford and he used to bring home old steering wheels and I used to have them on my lap pretending to be a rally driver”.

The regular readers of ReallyMeanSounds will be only to aware of how Idris fared on the Easter event. If you aren’t. here’s a sneak peak of his Fiesta rally car after he was finished with it…

Idris Elba Circuit of Ireland Rally CrashWell, he did say that the extreme challenges would take him out of his comfort zone!

For more information, check out the Discovery Channel wesbite: //


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Cess replied at 20:27, Wed 24 Jun, 2015
Couple of new trailers out, including this one of his Circuit of Ireland experience -O9CGUXGeto
Cess replied at 22:24, Tue 30 Jun, 2015
Cess replied at 11:15, Mon 06 Jul, 2015
The show premieres tonight folks. Discovery at 9pm. Latest trailer: BEHIND THE SCENES: Idris Visits Monaco Rally Raci…: rl1tRi5e8To
Artoir replied at 12:30, Mon 06 Jul, 2015
Must see if I can get this online somewhere. I happened to be walking past as he was pulling into the pits on the last day so I might even see myself.
Gambit replied at 21:58, Mon 06 Jul, 2015
Decent enough watch (y)
stevieturbo replied at 22:26, Mon 06 Jul, 2015
| On the RMS Blog: Internationally acclaimed actor, car enthusiast and King Of Speed, Idris Elba
Other than some tv adverts, who is he ?
Gambit replied at 22:39, Mon 06 Jul, 2015
| Other than some tv adverts, who is he ?
The Wire & Luther are his biggest acting roles I'd say. Then more recently the Mandela film
Woodcutter replied at 22:41, Mon 06 Jul, 2015
| Other than some tv adverts, who is he ?
MarkM replied at 23:19, Mon 06 Jul, 2015
I like his acting roles, but as himself.....I turned over after 10mins, just don't like the guy
DEEJAY.B replied at 07:25, Tue 07 Jul, 2015
He aint no GUY MARTIN !