Evo X: Lancer’s Ultimate Evolution

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Attention to detail. It’s the difference between the good and the great. It turns something from special into extraordinary. Attention to detail is what makes Ricky Boyd’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X one of the most exceptional examples of this model around.  Ricky’s recipe was simple. Take an exclusive version of the last of the line Evos and improve everything.  No area was left untouched.

Evo X

This car started life in Japan as 2008 Evo X RS. The RS version was fundamentally different from the FQ models available in the UK and Ireland. Every unnecessary electrical item or driver comfort was ditched in the name of weight saving – no air con, no electric mirrors, no entertainment system; even the rear wiper and passenger sun visor was discarded in the name of automotive anorexia. Mechanical diffs and a snappy 5 speed manual resulted in a hardcore, back to basics machine. There’s no active yaw control to straighten everything out here!

Evo X

The beauty of the Evo X RS is the scope to tune and tweak. It was aimed squarely at the motorsport market with a modest 295bhp on offer from the latest version of Mitsubishi’s MIVEC four-pot. Ricky’s first move was to entrust Jonny at AI Autosport to pull apart the engine and unleash the latent power on offer. The stock turbo was replaced by a high-output HKS version; the standard injectors made way for fast flowing 800CC Ecutek items; vital internals were forged. Cooling and induction was also upgraded, again using mainly HKS parts. A race manifold and Janspeed exhaust system completed the mechanicals.

Evo X Engine

The end result is a car that can produce 553bhp on 109 octane fuel. The power delivery is colossal and incredibly linear. The car eats gears up the road so quickly it feels like you could actually burst through the horizon. However, everything looks so effortless and controlled. The Evo X has grip in abundance and seemingly unbreakable levels of traction. Although, for everyday driving, on normal super unleaded, Ricky opts for a more sensible map and a mere 482 bhp.

Evo X

The standard Evo X RS brakes are notoriously weedy. They didn’t need to be anything special, as these bits were one of the first things that the race and rally teams junked in the pursuit of performance.  So to ensure the car stops as well as it goes, Ricky installed mammoth 350mm fully floating AP discs and callipers up front and two-piece 300mm Girodisc units at the rear. The Evo X had pretty pin point handling as standard, but Tein monoflex coilovers and an HKS strut braces add a greater level of chassis rigidity and sharpness.

The interior has been given a facelift with snug fitting Bride Cuga seats. Ricky’s meticulous nature and strive for perfection means that the rear bench has been re-trimmed in matching material. The dash has been covered in alcantara and Alpine audio equipment takes care of the sounds when Ricky doesn’t want to listen to the very seductive (and addictive) turbo on full song.

The exterior has received a makeover too, although it is incredibly subtle. Intercooler ducts and wing vents have been replaced by carbon fibre components. The love affair with carbon fibre continues with carbon fibre mirror covers, side skirt extensions and a rear lip spoiler. The overall effect is a car that looks angular, purposeful and mean, without being in your face or over the top.

The whole package is a testament to the conscientious and considered way Ricky has chosen to develop the car. The outcome is a multiple show winning Evo X that offers a little more every time you look at it. Proof, if it were ever needed that it really is all in the detail.


  • Manley I Beam Rods with 625 bolt upgrade
  • Wiseco pistons
  • Cosworth Valve Springs
  • Cosworth Head Gasket
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Ecutek 800cc Injectors
  • Walbro Fuel Pump
  • Koyo Radiator
  • Cusco Twin Plate Clutch
  • Welded Front Diff Pins
  • Powerflex Engine Mounts
  • HKS Spark Plugs
  • HKS Oil Filter
  • HKS Rad Cap
  • HKS Oil Cap
  • HKS Type R Intercooler Kit
  • HKS Racing Suction Kit
  • HKS Kansai Airbox
  • Ecutek Remap by Ai Autosport
  • Coltspeed Bonnet Lifters
  • Forge Water Tank
  • Forge Steering Tank
  • HKS 7460r GT11 Turbo
  • Full Race Manifold with Zircotech Coating
  • Janspeed Full System with Elbow Heatwrapped black
  • Black Silicone Hoses


  • 350mm Fully Floating AP Front Discs and XP8 Pads
  • 330 mm 2 Piece Girodisc Rear Discs with Powdercoated Bells and XP8 Pads
  • Tein Monoflex Coilovers
  • HKS Braided Brake Lines
  • HKS Kansai Strut Brace


  • DAMD Carbon Intercooler Ducts
  • DAMD Carbon Slam Panel
  • DAMD Carbon Engine Cover
  • DAMD Carbon Skirts
  • DAMD Carbon Rears
  • DAMD Carbon Wing Vents
  • DAMD Carbon Bonnet Vents
  • Ralliart Carbon Vortex Generator
  • Rexpeed Carbon Mirror Covers
  • Rexpeed Carbon Boot Lip Spoiler
  • 10×19 et25 Rota GTR Alloy Wheels
  • Modified Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Ralliart Tailights


  • Bride Cuga Seats and Bride Rails
  • Bride trim Rear Seat
  • Zoom Carbon Interior Mirror
  • 5 Piece Bride Carpet Mat Set
  • Alcantara Dashboard
  • Alpine head unit for I phone
  • Alpine door speakers
  • Clifford Sense and Tell Cat 1

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RMS Forum Comments

Cooper replied at 18:38, Thu 31 Dec, 2015
A really stunning car on the road and build is very impressive. Would love a run in this!
Graham replied at 18:49, Thu 31 Dec, 2015
@scoobyrb555 get this man out a run!
hippyross replied at 18:50, Thu 31 Dec, 2015
"Ricky opts for a more sensible map and a mere 482 bhp" :p:D
andy_gdon replied at 19:01, Thu 31 Dec, 2015
I remember Johnny taking me out in this when he first imported it...complete with standard lancer seats. Couldn't believe it when J sold it having spent several fortunes getting into this state of tune, he took a great car and made it even better imo. Ricky bought a cracker and has always kept it mint. Health to drive Ricky.
Cess replied at 20:11, Thu 31 Dec, 2015
Had the pleasure of getting a passenger run on Super Car Sunday. Some of the best money I ever spent.
MTKelly replied at 22:50, Thu 31 Dec, 2015
Think everyone who knows the car knows that it was Johnny own car built by him and for him to his standards and I'm sure Ricky himself will agree with this.
Jamz3k replied at 21:51, Fri 01 Jan, 2016
So did this guy Ricky spec and build it or just buy it? Going by the article and comments I'm confused?
scoobyman replied at 22:03, Fri 01 Jan, 2016
| So did this guy Ricky spec and build it or just buy it? Going by the article and comments I'm confused?
Don't ask the mods will lock the thread down ;)
Jamz3k replied at 22:15, Fri 01 Jan, 2016
What a cryptic reply :cool: I'm going to assume it was bought already specced up to the balls by the previous owner then. Nowt wrong with that tbf