Baby Driver: Subaru Getaway

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Baby Driver is quite simply one of the best films of 2017 to date, a driving movie that will be remembered along side the likes of Drive and Gone in 60 Seconds.  Well someone has kindly uploaded the entire first 6 minutes of the movie, featuring a bank heist and a red Subaru WRX getting a spectacular thrashing along to a thumping soundtrack.

In case it gets taken down… volume up, hit play and enjoy!

Did you enjoy that?   Well what’s it about:

After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.  It’s directed by one of my personal favourites, Edgar Wright of Spaced and Hot Fuzz and has an epic soundtrack that underscores nearly the entire film.

Baby Driver is still in cinemas, starring Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm,  Jon Bernthal (Walking Dead), with Ansel Elgort as Baby who we see driving the Scooby above.  


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Cooper replied at 08:02, Fri 07 Jul, 2017
If your average cinema trip is an annual F&F outing then you might not just get as much out of it. No CGI submarines and 400 mile runways which may disappoint some. I'm a big fan of film, cars, Spacey, Wright, music - so this film has a lot in it for me. But it's not just me... 150899
bennn replied at 08:07, Fri 07 Jul, 2017
Entertaining but painfully cheesy - seems to have borrowed a lot from 'Drive' - the quiet, unwilling getaway driver. Trying very hard to be arty
Coog replied at 08:23, Fri 07 Jul, 2017
Predictable plot with good Music and Kevin Spacey (who was excellent, as usual) Car chase scenes felt pretty wooden, in obviously closed sets and some of the action scenes mixed with the oddly chosen background music/noise was confusing, especially the bit in the multistory car park at the end. Tried to be something artistic, but failed. Like a blend of lala land and F&F. Weird. It was decent enough though don't get me wrong and likely worthy of the 8.4 rating on IMDB but I can't see us all lumping it in with Bullitt, Ronan, etc once it's off the big screen.
Gaz replied at 10:23, Fri 07 Jul, 2017
Hoping to see it this weekend. Rotten Tomatoes aside, another (very large) American forum I use has lots of posters who thought it was superb. Any driving film that's a change from F&F is welcome!
DC. replied at 10:30, Fri 07 Jul, 2017
I hope this is good but I fear it will be a Drive remake/copy. Soundtrack made Drive.
Sonny replied at 12:07, Fri 07 Jul, 2017
It's not a car movie. It's a music movie with a car in it.
Father Stack replied at 08:35, Mon 10 Jul, 2017
| It's not a car movie. It's a music movie with a car in it.
That's exactly it. And thats what made it so good, for me anyway. Absolutely loved it. You could really see where Edgar Wright had the soundtrack picked out, then built the movie around it, with the scenes all being in time with the music. Real slick acting too, I had a smile on my face the whole way through the film. Loved it!
ChrisL replied at 14:44, Mon 10 Jul, 2017
Been waiting for this to come ... going to catch it this week. Looks fantastic!
midgelfc replied at 14:52, Tue 11 Jul, 2017
I seen it in an advance preview few weeks back, thought it was superb. Loved the soundtrack to the movie and thought it fitted every scene perfectly. Also how even the gunshots matched in with the music. Definitely cheesy but completely different from any other movie in a long while, as some people have mentioned, drive is probably the closest comparison to it
stuartyvilla replied at 08:42, Thu 20 Jul, 2017
Went last night and saw this, I thought it was brilliant, really enjoyed the soundtrack and how it was in sync with some scenes etc, certainly a bit diiferent than the norm and imo better than drive.