Before Facetube: High Speed City Runs

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Today (and particularly if you are driving in Russia) dash cams, mostly showing crashes are prevalent.  Back in the pre-youtube, pre-dashcam days though, cameras were generally strapped on cars do they could nip through cities flat out in the early hours.

One of the most famous is C’etait un Rendezvous, where early one August morning in 1976, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch decided to mount a camera on the bumper of a Mercedes 450SEL (6.9l, 286bhp), and unleash an unknown driver flat out through the streets of Paris.


Come forward a few decades, and the Swedes cooked up their own high speed city dash, known as Getaway in Stockholm.  A slightly different premise to the Paris film, it sees a black Porsche 911 making an alleged getaway from the Police.  Red stop lights and speed limits again bring no reaction to this determined driver.

I’ve only included two of the very popular ‘first person’ city dash videos, however there are thousands on the ‘net.  Let’s see your favourites by posting them in the comments below!


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Coog replied at 10:52, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
Ghost rider in the tuned WRX is one of my favourites. Will hoke out the video later but he has the Police chopper and all out after him and still gets away. Complete madness.
Cess replied at 15:15, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
Getaway in Stockholm! Classic. They even sold the DVDs in Halfords.
davecoupe replied at 15:40, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
I love C'etait un Rendezvous. Even the reason it was done is brilliant, Claude Lelouch had 300 metres of film (nine minutes worth) left after shooting a Catherine Deneuve romantic drama Si C’était à Refaire, and didn't want to waste it. In 2003 Lelouch done an interview and claimed he done the driving himself, with an assistant in the passenger seat controlling the aperture of the camera and another assistant at the arch to tell him if it was clear. “There was little risk of an accident ....... When you get to a red light at 150 or 200kph, if you don’t see anything to the right or the left then nothing is coming - for there to be a risk there would have to be another crazy person doing this at the same speed.”
Gobsheene replied at 16:54, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
That Porsche video sounds a lot faster than it looks! | Ghost rider in the tuned WRX is one of my favourites. Will hoke out the video later but he has the Police chopper and all out after him and still gets away. Complete madness.
Never heard of that seen him on the bike in a few videos and they're crazy!
Gobsheene replied at 16:56, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
This Rice Express special was one of my favourites! g29jbfs2P3Q
Coog replied at 17:00, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
This is it. 1/2 OTuUcKUF9Ck 2/2 WqtLt3WGFQM
Gobsheene replied at 17:13, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
Stockholm, lowest car to road ratio ever... its particularly dead!
Paul RS replied at 21:18, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
Lyons replied at 21:49, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
Looking forward to watching these in work tomorrow ^:o). I always liked the Z3M one; DtEX37LU9wA
Mark_C replied at 21:59, Wed 01 Jul, 2015
A guy that's on my team in Paris is a mad biker. I am CONVINCED this is him but he refuses to confirm or deny it. He has the same name, had the same bike, he even sounds the same and talks the same way and is widely known as doing this sort of thing: A5hL1zuq-tY