Before Facetube: Lancer500

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Long before Ken Block’s Gymkhana there were drivers pulling crazy angles in their 4WD turbocharged saloons at track days.  This classic vid of a White Evo 7, I believe in France, and I believe a lady driver (please correct me in the comments) gives an aggressive drift performance on this small circuit, well until at least half way through.  It was filmed in 2002/03.

There is little else known about the video, and it was only ever remembered as Lancer500, as that was the name of the file you had to wait an hour to download on dial up.  You know, before FaceTube.


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Cess replied at 14:28, Thu 11 Jun, 2015
That revived a few memories! Dramatic conclusion, which I'd forgot about. Has to be a few here seeing that for the first time?