Before Facetube: The Hire by BMW Films

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Back when I started RMS in 2001, I was on dial up 56k internet, and there was no Facebook or Youtube.  Downloading or streaming a film was a whimsical dream.  Any videos were passed about on CDs or on one forum I was a member, (which then became, and then closed), had a “Hard Drive around Ireland”.  Full of car video goodness.

Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase.  As there were a lot less videos back then, there was much better quality as it took decent money to get a video shot, never mind on the internet.  So over the next several weeks I’ll be pumping out some of the best pre-youtube videos to enjoy in my new Before Facetube series.

First up is easy.  BMW decided to blow a fortune on internet shorts, that were then shown as trailers in front of movies, back in the early 2000s.  There’s a whole series of them called “The Hire” starring Clive Owen as this mysterious driver piloting BMW M cars of the era.

This one below, Star, features Owen, an E39 BMW M5, Madonna, a sound track by Blur, and was directed by none other than Guy Ritchie.  Throwback awesome.  Enjoy.



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chris_b replied at 14:59, Wed 27 May, 2015
I've had that saved on every computer I've had. Such a good bit of PR from BMW
Gaz replied at 15:01, Wed 27 May, 2015
Now there's a blast from the past. Still as good to watch as when it was released.
Cooper replied at 15:16, Wed 27 May, 2015
I've another handful lined up for the next lot of weeks articles... but if you oul' hands have any suggestions drop me a PM!
Dave.S replied at 15:17, Wed 27 May, 2015
Never seen it before but great video.
Gaz replied at 15:23, Wed 27 May, 2015
Let's spice things up with a jumping E39
Cooper replied at 15:49, Wed 27 May, 2015
Ambush in this series was also epic. AxPs8SUEVd8
Dave.S replied at 15:59, Wed 27 May, 2015
@Cooper Video not working ?
Cooper replied at 17:28, Wed 27 May, 2015
Both working here