Top Gear Makes Fantastic Return

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Top Gear is back.  And it’s bloody good, thankfully.  We’re introduced to a new title sequence, new logo and the trio of Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid.   Despite a bit of awkward interplay on Ferrari’s between Matt and Chris, we’re immediately whisked away to Daytona to an awesome film on the ultra exclusive Ferrari FXXK.  A solid opening with a heavy hitter.

James McAvoy is the celebrity guest, introducing us to a new track car, now called the Reasonably Fast Car, a Toyota GT-86 and by the start of the footage it looks like the traction control is off!  Finally the format has had a more comprehensive revamp.  Better than that, the news and celeb segment is wrapped together and this helped give new energy to what is the filler between films.

And speaking of films we’re immediately launched into a cheap car challenge in Kazakhstan where Harris has a bit of a moment in a 500,000 miler Volvo V70, giving Le Blanc a considerable shunt in an old Merc.  That face.

McAvoy’s lap in the GT86 was certainly more exciting to watch than the played out econoboxes of the previous seasons.  The format tweaks have a cumulative effect of a well paced show, something both The Grand Tour and the previous Top Gear season were guilty of to some extent.  Lets hope it continues over the next six episodes

All that Season 24 of Top Gear needed to be was: more watchable and fun than last season; different enough to Grand Tour; suitably engaging escapism for Sunday night viewing.  It wins on all three counts.  Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid seem to gel well on screen, and if you get past the comparisons to Clarkson & Co I think they’re onto a winner.

Top Gear is on BBC2 again next Sunday at 8pm and you can catch up on tonights episode on the iPlayer.  I’ll definitely be watching.


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Rocko replied at 13:35, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
Perfect. Minus Schmidt and Jordan.
svensktoppen replied at 16:53, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
Sounds perfect (y) Matt and Chris did a great job. Sabine was great too. No idea why Rory or Jordan is there though, but hey :) Maybe see Jenson Button on the show too? He is out of a job after all, will be needing something to do :p
Dave.S replied at 17:57, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
| Sounds perfect (y) Matt and Chris did a great job. Sabine was great too. No idea why Rory or Jordan is there though, but hey :) Maybe see Jenson Button on the show too? He is out of a job after all, will be needing something to do :p
I thought Rory was quite good, very down to earth.
svensktoppen replied at 18:58, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
He is a bit fifth gear though compared to the others :p But sure, I can live with him.
McKay replied at 19:45, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
As long as Harris is there it should be decent.
KevM replied at 19:56, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
Harris can drive, but can also be a condescending tool
jimcupra replied at 21:18, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
Pity Chris Evans left at least it's better than it used to be now them other 3 are away (y).
stevieturbo replied at 21:29, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
I only caught some of the new program as a repeat on Dave the other night. Fortunately there are still repeats of the old Top Gear on Dave. The bits I seen were painfully boring to watch, and they looked so strained for the camera. As if they were trying far too hard...and doing very little.
Blackie replied at 21:45, Mon 26 Sep, 2016
I think that's a good choice, still not a patch on the previous line up but I think the fewer presenters than that awful show they put out this year is the best decision. Schmidt, whilst she can pilot a car, still hasn't got to grips either with speaking English confidently(although she speaks it better than I speak German) or lacks confidence in front of the camera. Jordan was fine on F1 coverage, but seemed too rigid and too scripted on Top Gear and was unable to show his true personality, so no great loss to those two. Matt started off a little wooden, possibly trying to act rather than "present", but as each episode appeared he seemed to be more relaxed and I thought got into the "role" better. I agree that Rory seemed a little too Fifth Gear but time will tell. Harris, jury's still out on him. Evans, who's he??? Lol
Brennan replied at 01:19, Tue 27 Sep, 2016
At least the terrible one has walked. Matt is a nice guy but is quite scripted and emotionless, Harris knows his stuff but he is more effective than a gallon of Nytol. Rory, I think is a very decent natural presenter, I did like his piece on the Tesla in the last series. Unfortunately no matter how hard they try, the majority is going to be tuning into The Grand Tour instead.