Time flies when you’re having GR Yaris levels of fun.  The two years that this diminutive Toyota has been under my stewardship have flown in, the GR being the pandemic baby that distracted from a wholly disruptive time for us all.  

I still absolutely adore it, and it being a last hurrah of the piston engine era, we are unlikely to see anything like it again.  That jacked-up-on-steriods profile, carbon roof, forged wheels, big brakes.  The plucky wee Yaris is as serious as it gets for a homologation special road car.  Yes its not an Evo 6 RS on steel wheels, but its every bit as engaging as any rally special from two decades ago.

Sadly, the GR doesn’t fit the needs of a growing Cooper family, and so in our latest video we sum up those last few years and almost 15,000 miles in one of Toyota’s all time greats.

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