1. Lostinspace

    Subaru Legacy in Classifieds

    Anyone know who owned the Subaru legacy in the classifieds put up last week? It was taken down after a day and dont see it for sale anywhere else. It was probably sold within a day but just wanted to see if anyone knew it?
  2. MILLER_102

    Grey M3 in Classifieds section

    Seen this in the Classifieds section... is there a thread in members section or anyone any details about it? Thanks in advance Ricky
  3. Big Blue Winky

    What's taken your fancy in the classifieds today?

    Not sure if this has been done before or if its allowed under forum rules but I thought being as we are all petroleum heads and that no doubt as part of our daily routine we scour the classified ads for our possible next automotive acquisition or even just idly day dream about what you could do...
  4. jonnyboy

    4 door Civic saloon in the Classifieds.

    Does anyone know the car or viewed it any info would be great thanks.
  5. allan_tifa

    Altezza Rs200 Beams (now in classifieds :( )

    well the yaris sold today and originally lookin to go for an accord type r and after lookin at a few all with the common 5gear crunch decided to go for this 2001 altezza 1 owner since import and registered in 2009 60k miles on it full factory rs200 bodykit 6speed manual close ratio factory lsd...
  6. Nicky

    Blue Fiesta - Vcz 5641 - Classifieds Recently

    Anyone know who owns/owned this car, or who's the number is in the advert:
  7. Afro Dan

    Putting a re-ad of my car in classifieds

    how do i repost my car in classifieds? it wont let me advertise it again! can anyone help with this? :S
  8. ferrett

    cheap type r on classifieds?

    is this a genuine sale or has the world of gumtree filtered over to here
  9. Rob1sp

    Red auto S14 in classifieds

    Looking at the classifieds there, wondering what auto s14s are like to drive? The red one in there seems reasonably cheap, are the auto boxes rubbish? Just wondering out of interest *-)
  10. bull20

    Free classified car add

    Hey guys spotted this in the paper today, yet to see how successful it will be but its yet another place to fire up a free add for your motor... Cars For Sale in Belfast + 50 miles - Daily Star
  11. PJS

    Various items in Classifieds section Just a bit of a heads up, in case not many of you trawl the Classifieds section in the hope of seeing detailing stuff being listed.
  12. darzo-clio


    A couple of performance cars popping up for sale, possibly the stop to the 3rd party enxtension has taken an impact already lol im sure there will be many more..
  13. jonnyboy

    Polo in the classifieds.

    Just had a look at it and the spec it has audi tt seats and powdercoated banded steelies which is a selling point in the ad but then it says that the tt seats and steelies are not included in the sale whats the thinking here?
  14. Jack-Civic

    Mustang in classifieds!

    Ford Mustang 1000 BHP For Sale on RMS Must be some yoke!! lol
  15. l_wire

    Civic in the classifieds

    Does anyone know who owns the silver civic with red rotas that is advertised in the classifieds? I wanted to ring about it but theres no number for the add and no reply from either email or PM
  16. dellboy

    Cracking St24 In The Classifieds

    I see my old car is up for sale. That is a cracking car for the money. I owned it from new and sold it 2 years ago. If anyone is intrested in it I looked after it like one of the family changing the oil with magnetic every 4k. Who ever gets it good luck and have fun with it Dell
  17. ferrett

    does any one know - Civic VT in classifieds?

    who bought the red ef civic vti that was forsale on here about 6 weeks ago for anyone who doesnt know wot an ef is its the 1990 civic longer than a crx but the same shape front end ... wanted to chance my arm to see if it was forsale:P
  18. R Launched - Free Classifieds has now launched with FREE classified ads for Buying & Selling rally cars, parts, services and wanted section. Visit:
  19. PaulYDP

    Rally Classifieds?

    Does anyone know of any websites that have rally cars for sale? I already know of and but I was wondering are there any others? They don't have to be in Ireland either - willing to go across the water! Or if someone knows of any cars for...