1. syecadelic

    JPCCNi The Docks 2024 July 21st

    With resounding success from 2022 and 2023, JPCCNi is returning for the 3rd year, proudly hosting The Docks. Irelands Largest Indoor JDM Car Show. Located at the easily accessible Titanic Exhibition Centre this year promises to be as good as ever with the team working tirelessly in the...
  2. syecadelic

    JPCCNI - The Docks 2023 - July 30th 2023

    Following on from the success of JPCCNI's first indoor Japanese car show, The Docks, we have decided to do it again for 2023. The team will be working hard in the coming months to bring everyone another great show and look forward to everyone's support again. All information is available...
  3. PhoenixFilm

    JDM Car Culture 2019

    Hi guys, I've just joined and this is my first post.. I`m based in N.I. and create digital content. One of the main themes on my new channel is car related content mostly from car shows and some cinematic features. Here`s my JDM Car Culture 2019 production. If you like my videos, hit...