2003 Vauxhall VX220 2.2


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Such a cool little car, I had a blip against one in the Cayman round the twisty stuff and they are a great match for one another.

I got stuck in one of these at the Motorshow in Belfast many moons ago. They had Russ Swift doing an action show and they had one of these up on a plinth beside the area.

My dad got me to climb into it sneakily and pose for photo hoping no one would notice. Couldn't get back out of it and all, had to get staff up on steps to take the roof off so I could get out, with thousands of people watching and two very annoyed Vauxhall reps 😂


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I remember my back popping out trying to get out of a VX220 in Ballyrobert garage 15 years ago. So embarrassing it took 3 guys to help me out never again. lol
Still love the cars.


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will probably take the clam off and do a heap of jobs at the same time, in prep for supercharging (even if I dont do it)
would make life so much easier
This is the hardest bit of the conversion. If you are lucky and the bolts aren't seized (my sc) it's grand. My turbo was rougher and every single bolt seized solid so much that I abandoned taking clams off. If someone has done the donkey work already you'll take no time.
At one time the air intake and laminova bodies were becoming scarce. Mine came from a random Pontiac in the states. So many were done after mine I suspect there must have been a more solid source. My SC was the most impressive focused and fun car I've ever driven including some pretty hefty machinery. My turbo had the same HP but nowhere near as good.