2017 Shadow Black 5.0 V8 Mustang GT

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Ok so after about 18months loving the 997 it was time for a change and I had my heart set on another V8 for some noise . Was initially looking for a C63 but only getting them in auto put me off as I love a manual car . So anyway fell in love with the S550 mustangs as they are such a complete package . I love the looks and the styling and the fact they are available manual and RHD . Also the 5.0 GT comes with line lock and launch control as well as a load of other stuff that floats my boat as I can take it to the track when my drag car is in bits .
Couldn’t find a black 2017 model over here never mind in the spec I wanted so found one in Portsmouth last week and flew over and drove it home . Also the great thing about the 17 model is , for that year they fall into a silly tax bracket and are only £145 a year to tax so hard to beat a 5.0 V8 with about 420bhp for £145 tax, result. Also the 17 models get better sat nav and Apple CarPlay etc . This ones got the heated and cooled seats , sync3 nav , reverse cam , parking sensors , shaker audio upgrade , big brembos, ford supplied eibach pro line suspension , Roush Exhaust and H Pipe , Roush Spoiler etc . The noise is insane with the de resonated mid section but it looks so aggressive it needs to be stupid loud and shouty .


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The 2017 had some nice upgrades from the launch models which was good to see they kept adding to them. I totally agree about the looks and styling as it’s such a comfy place to sit and drive.
I just can’t talk myself into trading a 2015 in for a 2017 😂

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That’s class, were you on the outer ring this morning about 8:30 ? Black one passed me going the other direction, looked SUPERB, black really suits them..HTD


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Awesome :grinning: the roush sounds fantastic doesn’t it? The cold starts are epic.
Love the bracket-less plate, seen it on a few and considering it. Also have a 2017 but that law only came in in April so unfortunately I’m in the £555 bracket :worried:

HTD! They’re absolutely a smiles per gallon car!